54 years old man getting episodic pain involving the left side of the face, teeth and eyes.

This is the case of Mr. M.F (Patient Ref. No. L-6546) a 54 years old male patient who reported to the clinic with complaints of left sided facial pain since 6 years. He would get episodic pain involving the left side of the face, teeth and eyes. The pain would be very severe and in spite of being on a high dose of Carbamazepine, he would get at least 3-4 severe attacks daily. The pain would increase while chewing, talking, laughing, and whenever he would get a cold. If he would decrease the dosage of Carbamazepine even marginally, the attacks would come back with increased severity.

Patient was also a known case of hypertension and diabetes and was on regular treatment for the same. Apart from this he also had complaints of recurrent colds due to a deviated nasal septum. He would also get frequent throat infections after taking after taking cold food or drinks.

Patient had an obese constitution and had marked craving for fish. He had an aversion for sweets. He would occasionally take beer. He had a tendency for profuse perspiration. Stools were normal except that occasionally he would have to rush to pass stools after eating. There was mild urgency for urination also. Sleep was not sound and he would often feel restless during sleep.

He was an anxious person by nature and had lot of anxiety about his business and the competition therein. There was marked insecurity about the financial status since he was experiencing some problem with his business partner and hence was low on income. His daughter's marriage was an added cause of anxiety.

In the past he had suffered from jaundice, renal calculi and typhoid. He also had hypothyroidism in the past which had been controlled with homeopathy. There was a strong family history of diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, obesity and bronchial asthma. His brother had hemophilia.

Based on the above history he was prescribed individualized homeopathic medicines and there was marked improvement noticed. Within 6 months of the treatment the frequency as well as the severity of the attacks had come down significantly and he was able to lead a near-normal life without worrying that the pain may come on the next moment. Also his complaints of recurrent throat infections had improved significantly.

Gradually the dose of Carbamazepine was also reduced to the minimum required. This case shows that homeopathic medicines can provide significant relief in TN and help in the pain control even in those cases which are not responding favorably to the conventional medicines.

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