48 years old home maker who had lost all energy; regained her health, recovered from Ulcerative colitis and could stop steroids.

Mrs. P.L., a 48 years old female [ PIN Number L-7989 ] She was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis from the last three years. She had frequent, semisolid stools, mixed with blood, about 10 to 15 per day. She had severe fatigue, due to this condition and did not feel energetic, due to this prolonged illness. She had pricking pain while passing stools.

She was on Tab. Mesacol 400 mg, two tablets, three times in a day. She was on Tab. Omnacortil 10 mg (Steroids), three times a day. Whenever she would withdraw steroids, she would have a relapse.

She had an associated complaint of Migraine, since the last 16 years. She had frequent headaches, with nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, for which she always required painkillers. This added to the problem of UC. She had a disturbed sleep.

She had lost weight, and was feeling very week.
Colonoscopy report dated 16th June, 2005: Mucosa of the anal canal and rectum showed erythema, ulcers and fragility and edema.

Her case details were taken in detail:
She stayed with her husband, she was a home maker. Her husband was an accountant. Her daughter and son were studying.

She was an irritable person, she would get angry if anyone disobeyed her or contradicted her. She could not get over it for a long time and she could not forget the incidence. She would brood about it for a long time. She was very emotional by nature and wept easily. She had worries about her children, about the future and about finances. She was reserved by nature.
She had a craving for spicy food. She liked the winter more than summer.

Based on her history, she was prescribed Nitric Acid, a potentized homeopathic remedy, and slowly and steadily, her pains and bleeding in stools reduced, her frequency of stools reduced and stools became well formed. Her weakness improved, her appetite improved and she felt more energetic, like before. She required medicines for migraine, which helped her to a very good extent.

She could reduce her Omnacortil and eventually stop it in the 3 rd month of treatment. This time she did not get a relapse despite stopping it. Mesacol she continued for a longer time. It was gradually tapered.

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