42 years old spiritual teacher experienced significant improvement in her Urticaria with Dr. Shah’s medication.

Mrs. L. R. G (Patient Identification Number - 16217) visited our clinic on 11th June 2011, with the complaints of Urticaria.

It had started 3 months ago, after she had lost her mother. It had increased since 1 week, as she was undergoing some stress. Her father had suffered from a heart attack a week ago. The hives would appear after a change of weather, exposure to dust or heat and after wearing tight clothing. One episode was so severe that she had to take steroid injection to get relief. Currently she was taking 3 different types of antihistamines per day since last 2 months, but not finding relief.

She had done some allergy test which had given positive results for few food products. Her immunoglobulin level was too high. She decided to start with homeopathic medicines to cure this problem permanently.

She was suffering from underactive thyroid since last 3 years. She was regularly taking thyroid supplements with good control.

She was a vegetarian by choice and preferred spicy food. She could not tolerate warm weather. There were no complaints in bowels, sleep, thirst and perspiration. She would occasionally get nightmares regarding her closed one getting hurt.

She was a teacher in a foundation for spirituality . She had been separated recently from her husband. She was a divorcee and was staying with her 17 years old daughter. She had suffered in her 20 years of marriage. Due to spiritual learning, she could overcome the stress and forgive and forget the past bad experiences. She was quiet independent and composed. Her father was a retired jeweler from Jaipur. Her brother was working in America in some import export firm.

She described herself as ‘perfectionist, meticulous, organized and good leader.’ She was short tempered but friendly. She was sensitive emotionally, but bossy in nature. Now she had the responsibility of settling her daughter and giving her the best possible future.

Her father was suffering from ischaemic heart disease and underactive thyroid. Her mother suffered from osteoarthritis and vitiligo. Her brother as well maternal grandmother had vitiligo.

Her case details were studied by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed Sepia 30c single dose along with some research based medicines.

After 3 months of medication (7.9.11) – the frequency of hives had reduced to once in 2 -3 days as compared to daily. She was even able to reduce her antihistamine dose to twice a day as compared to thrice. Overall she was feeling her immune system becoming stronger and better. Her prescription was upgraded to Sepia 200c along with the research based medicines.

She reported again on (18.12.11)- she was feeling much better, the urticaria had become milder and she had reduced the anti histamine further. She was now taking one tablet in 3-4 days.

After 8 months of medication (2.2.12) – there was further improvement in her hives. She was unable to stop her antihistamines, though it had reduced to single dose per day. Her case was reviewed and prescription upgraded with repetition of Sepia 200c.

After 12 months of treatment (15.6.12) – she reported with almost 100% improvement. She had been able to stop her antihistamines completely by gradually tapering down the dose in the last 3 months. She was completely free from her urticaria now.

She was very happy with Dr. Shah's treatment.

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