40 year old had undergone Angiography 6 years ago. A month after surgery, he had developed jaundice. Consequently he was diagnosed as having Hepatitis-C

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40 year old male, Mr. M. F. B. (Patient reference number: 9239) reported to the clinic for complaint of Hepatitis C which had been diagnosed since 1 year. His physical complaints had actually started since he had undergone Angiography 6 years ago. About a month after the surgery, he had developed jaundice that had lasted about 6 weeks and thereafter he would frequently develop dull aching pain in the right upper abdomen (hypochondriac region). This pain would be worse after meals. He did not have any history of weight loss, fever, any abnormal bleeding, weakness, etc. It was only a year ago that he had been finally diagnosed with Hepatitis C. He had not received any medication for his complaints except some ayurvedic liver tonic that he had been taking for past few months.

He also had some patches of Psoriasis on both his hands since the last 6 years. He had used local steroids on these patches in the past but was not on any medication for this when he reported to us.

He also had complaints of recurrent colds since 7 years and recurrent renal calculi since 8 years.

He had an average built and a normal appetite with liking for milk and milk products. He was averse to sour food. He would sweat profusely and would pass hard stools about once in 3 days. His sleep would be sound though he would be occasionally disturbed by dreams of death, being trapped and falling down from a height. At such times he would wake up from the sleep with a jerk.

He stayed with his wife and 2 children. He had marked fear of death especially after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C. He was also anxious about the future of his children and their financial stability since he had some loans to repay. He was very anxious about the state of his health. He described himself as being very mild and would rarely get angry. Even when he would get angry, he would not be expressive about his anger but would choose to remain quiet. He would desire to be in the company of people always and would not be able to remain alone at all.

He had history of appendicectomy in the past, apart from this there was no history of any other major illness in his past. His mother was hypertensive and his father had suffered from psoriasis. One of his maternal uncles had died of cancer of the larynx (throat) and another maternal uncle had died of heart attack (Myocardial Infarction).

The reports of his investigations have been summarised below:

HCV : Positive
HIV : Negative
HBsAg : Negative
ESR : 25 mm at end of 1 hour
Blood sugar (Fasting) : 108 mg/dl

HCV RNA : 2,83,092 IU/ml

Serum proteins: Total : 7.24 g/dl
........................Albumin : 4.29 g/dl
........................Globulin : 2.95 g/dl

Serum Bilirubin: Total : 1.02 mg/dl
........................Direct : 0.42 mg/dl
........................Indirect : 0.6 mg/dl
SGOT : 97.5 U/L
SGPT : 195 U/L
Alkaline Phosphatase : 241.6 U/L
GGT : 49.1 IU/L

He was prescribed medicines for Hepatitis C based on his detailed history. Within just 4 months of treatment, his viral load came down to 2,14,291 IU/ml as compared to 2,83,092 IU/ml before starting the treatment. He was very happy about this improvement, especially because this occurred very safely with the homeopathic medicines without any kind of side-effects as seen with conventional medicines. Also Interferon therapy could be avoided in this case and he received the benefits of a decreased viral load without any kind of harmful effects of conventional medication. He was asked to continue the treatment to avail of further benefits and he was informed that such cases need a long course of medication.

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