39 years old woman with Leucoderma started developing white spots on multiple parts of her body

Mrs. A.V.T (Patient Ref. No. 3971) a 39 years old female patient reported to us with complaints of Leucoderma since a month. She said that she had started developing white spots at multiple places over her body in the last one month. Her dermatologist had diagnosed it as vitiligo. She had few scattered spots on her face, knees, chest, and back. She was so disturbed by these spots that she felt she was having spots all over her body. In fact, she felt as if she was left all alone in the middle of a desert and left to die without any kind of hope of being cured, just left to get mercy and sympathy from others. She had been through a lot of stress in the last 3 years due to her parents' accident and brother's divorce. There was a lot of anxiety in the family due to circumstances that were not under their control.

She was also a known case of hypothyroidism and was under regular treatment for the same. She had been gaining a lot of weight for the past few months and since exercise was not helping her much, she had become all the lazier and lost her self-control and self-esteem.
She would occasionally get a headache when she would be out in the sun for a long time but this was not a regular feature.

Her appetite had increased since the last few months and she had been gaining a lot of weight. She would eat a lot especially when she would get bored or irritated. She was fond of salty food although she would crave for sweets occasionally. She had no problems related to her bowels though she would have to go for stools almost after every meal. Her menses would be scanty and irregular and she would experience a lot of bloating and dizziness before her menses. Her sleep would be often disturbed due to frequent waking for urination. She had also started getting nightmares about looking ugly and this would cause much anxiety for her.

She was a housewife with two kids and she would be very busy in her house-keeping work. She was very anxious and fearful by nature. She would easily get depressed by things happening around her. She used to be a very quiet person previously but recently she had started moving out and mixing with people. She would always be in a rush to complete her daily affairs and yet she would find it difficult to complete them. She lacked self-confidence and would get very nervous even at small things like cooking up for guests. She had become irritable since some time and would scream at her kids when angry. But she would calm down for some time and then try to patch up with the kids. She had fear of darkness and of heights. She was very sad, depressed and frustrated due to the vitiligo and it was the major cause of stress in her life at that time and she felt as if she was going crazy due to this stress.

There was no history of any major illness that she had suffered from in the past. However, both her paternal uncles had vitiligo.

She was prescribed the remedy Natrum Muriaticum based on the above history and at the end of 4 months of treatment, she reported that her spots of vitiligo were diminishing in size and were actually blending with her original skin color. She reported that her dermatologist was also very much surprised by her quick and positive response to the homeopathic treatment. She continued the treatment for some more time till her spots completely vanished and thereafter discontinued the treatment which was no longer required.

Remark: The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point in time. It is advisable that the patient does not indulge in any self-medication.

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