33 Years Persistent Bronchial Asthma Got Relieved Significantly With Homeopathy

A 33 years old male patient, Mr. R. V (PIN L-6056) reported to the clinic for his complaints of Bronchial Asthma which he was suffering for 22 years. His complaints had been persistent for the last 8 years, and he was on inhalers 5- 6 times per day. In spite of being on this high dosage of inhaler drugs, he would not be completely free from breathlessness any day. His complaints had markedly increased for the last 2 months. He did not have much cough or expectoration, but he predominantly had frequent episodes of wheezing. His condition would get worse during the change of weather and in monsoons. Cold drinks, groundnuts, and stress would worsen his complaints. He would require intravenous bronchodilators once in a while to control more severe episodes of breathlessness.

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His appetite was normal. He was fond of sweets, spicy, and fried foods. His sweat would be offensive. His bowel and bladder functions were normal, and he had no complaints related to these. His sleep would be sound, and he would occasionally dream of having a better job.

He was reserved and quiet by nature. He would occasionally get irritated when others would speak wrong about him, but he would never express his anger. He would remain quiet and would not like to talk at such times. He was very much desirous of a good and secure job. He would like to be in the company of close relatives and friends. He would prefer to solve his problems independently without any kind of help from others. He was trying to get a job abroad for quite some time, and this was the major stress in his life at that particular time. He had lost his mother when he was young and would still miss her presence because he was very much attached to her.

There was no history of any major illness in the past, except that he had sustained a few fractures a few years ago when he had met with an accident. His mother had expired of throat cancer, and his father was a diabetic. His brother had chronic sinusitis. Apart from this, there was no other significant family history.

Based on this case history, he was prescribed Thuja 200 for his asthma. 

At the end of two months of the treatment, his asthma was comparatively better than before. He was on a reduced dosage of bronchodilators and yet his breathlessness was much lesser than before. He did not require any additional doses of bronchodilator injections. The wheezing episodes that he would previously experience daily in spite of being on inhalers were reduced to once in a couple of days. 

After another few months of the treatment, he required his inhaler only once daily and he was free from his frequent wheezing episodes. His resistance was much better than before, and he could tolerate seasonal changes more easily without being worried of having another severe attack of asthma.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating 22 years of persistent bronchial asthma successfully and safely without any side effects.

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