31 year old man reported with complaints of Hepatitis C. He had complaints of aching pain in the right side of the upper abdomen (hypochondriac region)

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Viral Load

15,880,753 IU/ml

1,963,643 IU/ml

Mr. R. B (Patient Ref. No. L-6791) a 31 years old male patient reported to the clinic with complaints of Hepatitis C since 2 months. He had complaints of aching pain in the right side of the upper abdomen (Right hypochondriac region) since about 2 months. He would experience this pain about twice a week and it would last for a few hours. There was no radiation of the pain. Along with this he also complained of some mild difficulty in breathing and easy fatiguability since last 2 months.

There was a history of an appendicectomy 12 years ago.
His appetite was normal and he had desire for grapes and oranges. Bowel and bladder functions were normal. He could not tolerate excess of heat and would be comfortable in cold climate. Sleep was sound and dreams would usually be forgotten.

He was an engineer by profession and his family included his wife and one son. He had marked anxiety about his illness especially because nothing much was known about the future of a patient with Hepatitis C. He would constantly worry that what would happen to him in future. He was fond of company and would not prefer to remain alone most of the times. He did have some amount of stress related to his job but he said it was manageable. He would occasionally get irritated if things would not function properly as they should and he would vent out his anger by speaking about it to the opposite person.

There was family history of hypertension and diabetes (his mother), renal calculi (his father) and vitiligo (his brother).

He had not received any kind of treatment for Hepatitis C so far.
His reports were as follows in April 2004 when he was diagnosed as Hepatitis C positive:
Hb: 14.5 gms%
WBC: 6900/ cubic cm
N70 L26 E03
Platelets: 2.29 lakhs/cubic cm
Total S. Bilirubin: 2.1
Direct S. Bilirubin: 0.6
SGOT: 12
GGTP: 27
S. Creatinine: 0.9
BUN: 8
HBsAg: Negative
Hepatitis A: Negative
HIV: Negative
Hepatitis C antibodies: Positive

HCV RNA quantification was done in June 2004 before starting homoeopathic treatment and the value was 15,880,753 IU/ml (as seen in the reports below).

Patient was started on homoeopathic treatment based on the above history and was prescribed a remedy based on her symptoms; he was prescribed medicines for a period of 2 months. He reported with good improvement in the physical complaints at the end of this period. The treatment was continued for another few months and at the end of 5 months of treatment his HCV RNA quantification was repeated. The count had come down to 1,963,643 IU/ml (see reports above).

This was a significant drop in the viral load of the patient and at the same time the patient continued to improve with respect to his physical symptoms as well. The treatment was continued on similar lines as these types of cases are required to have a long-term follow up.

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