30 year old lady was a known case of Hepatitis C since 2 years. She did not have any major symptoms as such but complained of weakness and tiredness.

30 year old lady, Mrs. I. C. (Patient Ref. No. 6226), was a known case of Hepatitis C since 2 years. She had not been on any kind of treatment for this. She did not have any major symptoms as such but complained of weakness and tiredness. She had given birth to a baby boy about one year before she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and the child was suffering from a genetic developmental disorder. She was under tremendous stress due to his health. Her father passed away during her eighth month of pregnancy and this was additional stress that she had faced at that time. She had consulted her physician for her weakness and her reports done at that time showed that she was Hepatitis C positive.

Her HCV genotype was 3A. Her quantitative HCV showed 115,000 IU/ ml HCV RNA when she was freshly diagnosed. Her ALT and AST were also raised. The biopsy of the liver showed moderate piecemeal necrosis, marked portal inflammation and mild fibrosis. She had been put on the list for Interferon-ribavirin therapy in near future. Meanwhile she took some other therapies for Hepatitis C but none seemed to help her at all. Before starting homoeopathic treatment, her HCV quantitative report was repeated and it showed 2,590,000 IU/ml HCV RNA. It had increased to this much in just about 18 months.

She had a good appetite and had no particular likes or dislikes about food. She was very sensitive to cold in general and would be more comfortable in warm weather. She would like to take coffee and cigarettes in the morning. Her sleep was not sound and she would wake up unrefreshed in the morning. Her menstrual cycles were regular and she did not have any problems in relation to it.
She remarked that she was the youngest amongst her siblings but she had seen all the problems that she could ever imagine. Her mood remained good most of the time, she said, though she would sometimes feel depressed. She earnestly wanted to get well so that she could support her child who was 3 years old now.

She had not had any major illness in the past. Her father had undergone a by-pass surgery after he had suffered from an ischemic attack. Her mother had chronic backache. Apart from this there was no other illness in her family.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed the medicines for her complaints. Her latest reports before we began her treatment and after the treatment were as follows:


Before Treatment

After Treatment



















HCV Quantitative

2,590,000 IU/ml HCV RNA

430,000 IU/ml HCV RNA

Her liver enzymes had never come within the normal range ever since she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C but after starting Homoeopathic treatment, her blood reports had come close to normal. Her viral load of Hepatitis C had significantly come down as seen from the reports:


Viral Load

HCV Quantitative (Feb 2005)

2,590,000 IU/ml HCV RNA

HCV Quantitative (May 2005)

430,000 IU/ml HCV RNA

She was very glad about this improvement in her health. Her medication was continued further and she was informed that inspite of good recovery, she would require long term medication for her complaints.

This case illustrates for us the fact that Homoeopathy has scope even in the treatment of diseases like Hepatitis C. The progress of the disease can be slowed down and it can be possible to delay the need for interferon therapy.

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