3 years old could be weaned off from steroid and recover by homeopathic medicines.

Parents of 3 years old boy N. S. availed our online treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome. He had 1st episode of Nephrotic syndrome in June 2010 with swelling on the face, abdomen, and feet and reduced urine output with proteinuria. He was given steroid medicines for four weeks and he recovered. He got a relapse and was again given 4 months steroid medicines with increased dosage, but still the urine protein was never reported nil. He underwent a kidney biopsy which showed focal segmental glomeruloscelrosis. He was then given a course of 6 injections of cyclophosphamide, once a month for 4 months. He was also taking steroid medicines in tapering dosage.

He found about Dr. Shah through internet and decided to start with his medications. He submitted his questionnaire on 28th July 2011.

The case details are as follows –

His appetite was average with no specific likings or disliking.

He was staying with his parents, grandparents and paternal uncles.

He was a happy child. He would occasionally express anger by throwing toys etc.

He was prescribed research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 26th September with considerable improvement. The urine protein was nil since 1.5 months. His steroid was further tapered down. The cyclophosphamide injection was completed.

He reported on 3rd February with further improvement. His steroids were further reduced. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and accordingly his prescription was upgraded.

After a year's treatment his father reported further improvement. His steroid were completely stopped since 2 months and his urine protein had been nil since the start of treatment.

He is still continuing the medicines to achieve complete recovery in this condition.

Uploaded by Dr. Megha on 3rd April 2013

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