29 years old construction manager experienced 80% relief in his oral Lichen Planus with 6 months of treatment.

Mr. V.D.A. (Patient Identification Number 17247) visited our clinic on 14th October 2011. He had been suffering from severe oral Lichen Planus and mild skin lesions on the feet, hands and genitals.

He had significant lesions on the tongue and the inner mucosa of the cheek. It had started spreading rapidly in last 3 – 4 months. His oral lesions were very severe causing him to weep when eating anything spicy. They would cause burning pain. He had been applying an immunosuppressant medicine on these since the last 3 months, but was not relieved.

He had recently developed some hair loss. In the past 20 days it had increased.

His appetite had reduced. He had the habit of smoking which he had been stopped since a month. He had profuse and generalized perspiration. He was intolerant of heat and sun would increase his complaints of burning.

His family consisted of parents and 2 married sisters. His father was a retired businessman, while his mother was a home maker.

His work was stressful, probably which had triggered his Lichen Planus. He would get irritated if any senior would shout on him. He would try to be calm, but after a certain limit he would burst up with anger. Otherwise he would get a throbbing headache if he tried to suppress his anger. He would bang the phone or shout on the person he is angry with. He was aggressive and short tempered.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Staphysagria 30c along with some research based medicines.

After 6 weeks (25.11.11) – the oral Lichen Planus was better by 30%, while skin lesion had shown significant improvement. The burning pain had reduced by 50%. Hair loss had not shown much improvement.

After 4 months (1.2.12) – there was mild increase in oral LP, while the skin lesions were further better. The itching and burning were persistent. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and prescription upgraded to Staphysagria 200c and Kali Chloricum 30c along with research based medicines.

After 6 months (10.4.12) – his oral LP had significantly improved by 80%. There was no burning and pain while eating spicy food. His skin LP also improved by 75%. The subsequent photos showed that the oral LP had healed significantly.

Linchen Planus

He is continuing our medicines to achieve complete recovery for his complaints

This patient showed very good improvement in his oral Lichen Planus, the attached photos demonstrate the severity of the ailment and the subsequent recovery. Our body retains the potential of healing itself. One just has to use the correct tools.

Case study by Dr. M. N. P

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