28 years old software engineer, Mr.S.R., case of Ankylosing Spondilitis, improved and could stop painkillers

28 years old software engineer, Mr.S. R. (PIN 11923) came to Life Force to consult Dr Rajesh Shah on 20th March, 2009, with the complaint of pain in both hip joints. He was having this complaint since over one year. He was asked to undergo blood investigations and X-ray. His HLA-B27 test came positive. He was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. He was having severe pain and stiffness in both hip joints and lower back. There was a tingling and numbness in both thighs and burning soles. His complaints would get worse at night especially at 3-5am, after over work and in damp weather. He was taking pain killers from the last 4 months. He was having craving for sweets. He was sensitive to cold air and cold water. All his complaints would be worse in the winter. Mr. S. R. was a software engineer, staying with his friends. He was anxious by nature. He was having lot of anxiety about his family and about his work. Before every important meeting, he used to feel very nervous and anxious. He was a very talkative person. He always liked to stay in company. He was a very social person who always liked to help others. Dr Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his research based medicines. Within four to six weeks time, his pain and stiffness in hip joints and back reduced. The symptoms of tingling numbness and burning soles were still there. In next three months, frequency of his pain and stiffness got reduced to only twice in a week. Tingling numbness and burning soles also got reduced. His mobility improved significantly. By the fourth month, his pain reduced considerably and his movements also improved. Symptoms of tingling numbness and burning soles also reduced. He could stop the pain killers in 3-4 months. He was advised physio-therapy and he could tolerate exercies after 3-4 months. All his symptoms are under control now and he is perfectively all right. He is still under our care for maintainence. He has been symptom free and free of pain killers since the over one year.

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