2.5 Years Trauma of Ulcerative Colitis Relieved in Four Months With Homeopathy

33-years-old Mrs. RS, (Pin 29749), visited Life Force on 12th September 2016 to treat her Ulcerative Colitis. She was suffering from episodes of vomiting after eating any food, diarrhea for eight to ten times, and bleeding in the stools most often since last two and half years. Episodes of such discomfort due to ulcerative colitis used to bother every three to four months and last for two weeks. And, she also suffered dull pain in right hypogastrium during the episode. Whenever she used to suffer from episode of discomfort due to ulcerative colitis, it used to get aggravated by consumption milk product, sweet, and overeating. Antibiotics also failed to help her to reduce discomfort. She suffered the last episode of discomfort due to ulcerative colitis in August 2016, when MTP was performed before visiting us. And, she suffered previous episodes of discomfort due to ulcerative colitis in June, May, and Nov 2015. In between these episodes of discomfort due to ulcerative colitis, she used to suffer from weakness and lethargy. She used to experience eructation after her every meal. She had omnacortil for three months, and stopped having it since Feb 2016. Now, she is taking tab folvite and shelcal, and probiotic two tabs daily. Also, she was taking Cortimax 18 mg since August 2016 in tapering doses. She was taking antibiotics Tab Orni O since 3 days.

Also, since last two years she was suffering from throbbing headache once in a month that used to bother her continuously for four to five hours till she takes rest. It used to get aggravated by long gap in meals and lack of proper sleep.

The patient is vegetarian having a good appetite. She is more fond of sweet, fruits, and milk. She has average thirst. She is a chilly patient. She gets perspiration on face only. She suffers loose stool with ineffectual desire.

She has regular menses. But, her sleep is interrupted. 

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The patient is housewife. She is married and has a four-year-old son. She lives in a joint family with MIL and FIL. The patient had happy childhood, and now has good marriage life.

She had chikungunya in the past. Her father and mother both have Dm and HT. Her paternal grandfather had hypertension.

She has little irritating nature, but she is a strong willed person. She gets tensed easily.

After studying her case in detail, Dr Shah gave her phosphorus 30, murc sol 30 and some of his research based medicine for 2 months.

On November 4, 2016, she gave her first f/U with all complaints SQ, and she was prescribed the same set of medicine for two more months. 

She gave her second follow up on 6th Jan 2017. Patient had last episode of diarrhea and vomiting on Sep 20, 2016, and she was admitted to hospital for eight days. After that she said she was on steroid in October and November hence complaints were absent except bloated feeling, but it is not able to judge whether it is due to homeopathic Rx or steroid. She no more suffered from weakness and lethargy as she used to suffer earlier in between episodes. Her abdominal pain had subsided totally. And, her eructation after meals also stopped except during episode. She had new complaint of acne in Jan 2017. It appeared on the forehead and cheek since one month. It is pustular and small. Patient felt it is due to steroid, and she was prescribed the same set of medicine.

Later, she gave her third follow up on the phone, on 7th March 2017. Patient said that all her complaints are 75% better. Her weakness, lethargy, and eructation all are reduced and she is feeling better now. And, she had no episode of diarrhea and vomiting in the last two months. Now, she is prescribed the same set of medicine for 6 weeks. Patient is still under our homeopathic treatment.


This case highlights that homeopathy works quite effectively in alleviating discomfort due to ulcerative colitis.

Written by Dr Priyanka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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