19 years old management student experienced complete recovery of his extensive and rapidly spreading Lichen Planus with 8 months of treatment.

Mr. K. S. (Patient Identification Number - 8297) visited Life Force center on 2nd March 2006 for his recent complaint of rapidly spreading Lichen Planus. It had started around 3 months ago. There were eruptions with itching on arms, legs, abdomen, chest, back, and genitals. For last few weeks the nails too had started to get affected. He was applying a steroid-based ointment which did not give any relief.

He was a nonvegetarian by choice. He had a craving for chicken and disliking for spicy food. His thirst was reduced. He would perspire profusely. He was sensitive to cold weather.

He was staying in a hostel for his management studies. His father had a grocery store. His mother was a homemaker. He had a younger brother who was studying.

He was a short-tempered and impatient personality. He was very fastidious regarding certain things and would become angry if objects were not kept according to his way. He had tremendous anxiety for his future, family and financial responsibility. Along with the studies, he worked part-time in an event management company. In anger, he would either feel like hitting the other person, (but would never do it), or would start weeping. He was sympathetic and caring for friends and family.

He had a history of suffering from Asthma until 12 years of age.

His paternal grandparents were suffering from diabetes. His maternal grandmother was suffering from asthma. His younger brother had been operated for appendicitis.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Staphysagria 200c and Carcinosin 200c along with some research-based medicines.

After 6 weeks he reported for follow up on 14 April 2006, the spread had slowed down. The frequency of new eruptions appearing had reduced.

After 5 months on 23 September 2006, he visited the clinic. There was almost 75% improvement. The spread had stopped. The old lesions had flattened and hyperpigmented spots were seemed to lighten. His prescription was upgraded to Staphysagria 1m and Carcinosin 1m.

He followed up on 14 November 2006, all the lesions were healed. The hyperpigmented spots were further better.

He reported after a year on 12 December 2007 with a mild recurrence of the lesions for 1 week. The hyperpigmented spots had lightened by almost 75%. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and prescribed some research-based medicines for 6 weeks.

He reported after 4 years on 12 January 2012 for some itching and mild resurfacing of Lichen Planus for the last 20 days. His case was reviewed and prescribed research-based medicine. He was well for the last six years. Due to some major stress in his life, the LP reappeared. This will promptly be cured with the treatment.

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