17 years, old girl had been detected as having Hypothyroidism when she was 15 years old and since then she had been put on T. Eltroxin 100 mg daily

A 17 years, old girl Miss T. M. A. (Patient ref. no: S2005) was brought to the clinic by her parents for complaints of Hypothyroidism since 2 years. She had been detected as having Hypothyroidism when she was 15 years old and since then she had been put on T. Eltroxin 100 mg daily.

She had complaints of puffiness of the face that would last throughout the day when the complaints had started. She had put on about 5 kgs of weight in a very short period of 2-3 weeks. She also had complaints of profuse menses for the last 2 months.

Her mother remarked that she had had become lethargic and quite silent for the past few weeks. She would remain sad and had developed a weeping tendency off late. She had also become more irritable and trifling matters would upset her easily. She would be hurt easily by what others would say. She had also developed increased moodiness in the recent past.

Her appetite was normal and she was very slow at eating, she would take long time to finish her meals. She was fond of spicy and sweet taste and had aversion to milk. Her thirst was very less and she would barely take a couple of glasses of water throughout the day. Her menses were regular but she had complaints of profuse flow and painful menses since the last 2 months, she would also feel weak and giddy during menses.

She had complaints of recurrent tonsillitis in childhood and had also suffered from frequent headaches in the past. She had improved remarkably with Homoeopathy for the above mentioned complaints.

Her grandmother suffered from Hypothyroidism and apart from this there was no other significant family history.

Based on the above history she was started on homoeopathic treatment for hypothyroidism. She was on Tab. Eltroxin 100 mg daily when homoeopathy was started for her. Her thyroid hormone levels were as follows at the start of the treatment:




Free T3 (Triiodothyronine)


Free T4 (Thyroxine)


TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone)



She was started on Sepia 1000C for a period of 1 month. At the end of one month, her complaints of giddiness, uneasiness, and dysmenorrhoea were much better than before. Her general condition was also better than before. At this stage her medicine Tab. Eltroxin was tapered from 100mg daily to 100mg and 50 mg on alternate days.

At the end of next month her TSH level was 1.2 which was well within the normal range even after tapering off Eltroxin. Her dose was further lowered to 50mg daily in the next one month. After about 2 months, her TSH level was 1.7 which was normal again. At this stage her medicine was lowered to 50mg of Eltroxin every alternate day. She maintained well on this dose. After another month her TSH was 5.3. She was maintained on 50mg Eltroxin daily and she was asymptomatic at this point of time. After another 3 months her TSH was repeated and it was 5.5. Her complaints of giddiness, profuse menses and dysmenorrhoea were much better than before. Her irritability had reduced and she was calmer now. She felt more active now and her mood swings had reduced significantly. Her weight was controlled better than before and overall she did very well with the treatment.

As you can see her need for thyroid hormone supplements was reduced to almost one fourth (from 100mg daily to 50mg on alternate days) after starting Homoeopathy. The added advantage is the improvement in her general health condition, not just her hormonal levels. This case demonstrates that how Homoeopathy can be very effective in cases of hormonal disturbances and can restore the deviated balance of the system back to normal, reducing our dependence on other medication for the same.

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