100% Relief From Trigeminal Neuralgia With Life Force Treatment

A 36-years-old female patient from Pune, Mrs. R.G. (Patient identification no - 17342) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 25th October 2011 for her complaints of Trigeminal Neuralgia. She was suffering from pain in the left side of her face for the last month. The intensity of the symptoms was quite severe. She also suffered severe pain in the right side of her face that was pricking in nature. The pain was so severe that she needed to take painkillers every day for that. She was also experiencing the sensation of heaviness on the left side of her face. Pain always used to start from the left ear. She was on allopathic treatment for the same for 1 month, but she obtained no relief.

Mrs. R. G. also had complaints of hair fall and PCOS. She suffered from pain in the abdomen during menses for the last year.

She had an average appetite. She preferred a vegetarian diet. There was a marked craving for sweets and spicy food. She was very sensitive to heat. 

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Mrs. R.G. was a homemaker, but she occasionally did jewelry designing. Her husband was working in an electronic company. She had a daughter, who was 12 years old. She had good relations with all her family members. 

Her father and mother had hypertension. And, her brother had a brain tumor. 

Mrs. R. G. had suffered from piles in the past.

Mrs. R.G. was sensitive by nature. She felt bad if someone says something rude or harsh to her. She also had the tendency of weeping. She had a lot of stress-related to her husband’s health. 

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed research-based molecules for trigeminal neuralgia 

Mrs. R.G. gave her first feedback online on 5th Dec 2011. There was overall 50% relief in her condition. Relief from the pain over her left side of the face was better. The intensity and frequency of the pain had reduced.

She reported online on 25th August 2012. There was overall 90% relief in her condition. The relief from pain on the left side of her face was better. Hair fall was still there.

Mrs. R.G. filled up the feedback form on 14th March 2013. Her relief from pain and burning sensation was 95% better. Pain used to get triggered very rarely when the weather used to be cold. She did not feel the need to take painkillers.

Later, she gave feedback on 18th February 2014. There was an overall 90% improvement. She had headaches for the past few months. The case was again studied by the doctor, and she was sent revised medication.

She gave feedback over the phone on 20th September 2014. Pain on the left side of her face had reduced by 95%. Hair fall and headache had also reduced. 

Mrs. R.G. reported over the phone on 17th August 2015. Her relief from Trigeminal pain was more than 95% better. Hair fall was also reduced a lot. Headache and acidity problems had been resolved.

She gave feedback on 20th June 2016 over the phone. There was a 99% improvement in her condition. Pain and burning sensation had reduced a lot. Hair fall and acidity were also under control. 

She gave her last feedback over the phone on 16th June 2017. There was 100% improvement in her relief from trigeminal neuralgia. Pain and sensation were relieved completely. There was no hair fall, acidity, or headache. 


Homeopathy can give a 100% pain-free life without the use of painkillers by treating trigeminal neuralgia effectively.

-Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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