100% recovery in a case of antihistamine dependent Urticaria with Homeopathy

A young twenty-five-year-old New Delhi girl, Ms. K.B. (Patient Identification No: 22229) availed our online treatment for Urticaria on 25th January 2014. She was introduced to Life Force through our website. Her case details were obtained through a questionnaire.

She had been suffering from urticaria since one year. She would experience severe itching with rashes and burning sensation on the entire body. Her urticaria would increase in the morning and evening and would be little better during the day time. She had become completely dependent on anti-histamines. As soon as itching started, she would take a cetrizine tablet. It would reduce the itching but the rashes would still be there. She would take two anti-histamine medicines at night and one in the morning. She had suffered from dysentery before a year and had taken conventional medicines for the same. She thought those medicines would be the probable cause for her urticaria; as her complaints started after taking medicines for dysentery. She also mentioned that she was professionally disturbed during that period. 

Due to her complaints, she would not be able to concentrate on her work. She wanted a better job opportunity, but her health issues were not permitting her to look out for new job. She was so desperate to get rid of her complaints and those anti-histamines. Finally, she thought of starting homeopathic medicines under Dr. Shah. 

Her appetite was average. She would like chocolates, ice-cream, dairy products and junk food. She had very little thirst and perspiration. She did not have any specific temperature intolerance. Her urination, menses and sleep were normal. She would sometimes have dreams about the death of her relatives.

She resided with her parents, a sister and a brother. She was the eldest amongst the siblings. She was basically from Uttar Pradesh, but her family had migrated to New Delhi. 

She was anxious by nature. She would remain silent when angry. She would never shout or discuss her anger with anyone. She was frustrated due to her present career and wanted to get a better professional opportunity.

She had not suffered from any major disease except dysentery in the past. Her paternal grandfather had digestion problems and her maternal grandfather had diabetes mellitus. She had also attached her urticaria rash photos with the questionnaire.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed her research based medicines for urticaria. She was advised to gradually taper the allopathic medicines.

She submitted her first feedback online on 20th March. She had reported of 60% improvement. She had much relief in her complaints. She experienced itching during bathing, in the morning and evening but the intensity would be quite less. She had stopped taking anti-histamines. Revised batch of medicines were sent to her for two months.

Again, after 2 months, she submitted her progress feedback online on 19th May. She reported of 80% improvement after last batch of medicines. She mentioned that the frequency, duration and severity of urticaria rash has reduced drastically. She did not have any severe urticaria episode from last three months. She would rarely feel itching sensation. She was so happy with the effectiveness of the medicines. Her next two months medicines were dispatched.

She then reported of her progress on 23rd July. She reported of 90% improvement. There was tremendous improvement as she did not have any urticaria episode. She would only have mild rashes during bathing. Another batch of medicines were sent for two months.

Again, after two months, she submitted her progress report on 23rd September. She reported of 100% improvement. She was completely disease free. She was extremely thankful to Dr. Shah. She was relieved; she believed her disease was incurable as suggested by some of the doctors but Dr. Shah's medicines proved them all wrong as she was completely cured. She was advised to continue a short course of treatment to avoid any relapses.

This case highlights the potential of homeopathic medicines to bring complete recovery in diseases like urticaria by correcting the immune system rather than suppressing it.

(Case study prepared by Dr. K.M)

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