10 years old boy with Urticaria itching rashes got treated by Dr Shah

Master A. A. visited Life Force (Patient Identification Number - 21672) on 22nd March 2013 along with his father. He was an Indian in origin, but residing in Saudi Arabia. He was suffering from Urticaria since December 2012. He would get rashes and wheals daily. He was taking antihistamines to control it. The rashes would subside in 10 – 12 minutes. The itching would be severe. He would also get swelling of lips. This had started after he had visited a beach in Kerala in September where he had been bitten by an insect. He was treated with conventional medicines at that time. In December he had 2 – 3 episodes for which he consulted a local doctor and was diagnosed as chronic Urticaria. He was continuously taking tab levocetrizine since January.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy food and disliked milk. His thirst was less. His perspiration was less. He was sensitive to warm weather. His bowels were hard and required straining. His sleep was sound.

He was the only child. His father was into administration in a company. His mother was an infection control preventionist. He was studying in 4th grade.

He was obstinate and hyper active. His concentration was less. He would require help while studying.

His father had joint pains and started his treatment also. His mother had allergy and eczema. His paternal grandfather had diabetes and grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and glaucoma. His maternal grandfather had heart disease and grandmother had high blood pressure. His maternal uncle had epilepsy.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicine after a detailed case study.

His father reported on 14th June with considerable improvement in Urticaria. His levocetrizine dose was reduced to once in 36 hours since a week and his body was responding to this gradual tapering of those medicines. The rashes would be less severe, but the lips swelling were same. He was advised to gradually taper the intake of levocetrizine to once in 48 hours and so in next 3 – 5 weeks. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

His father reported on 23rd November with 100% cure in Urticaria. Since 20th July 2013, he did not have any rashes or lips swelling. He had stopped levocetrizine since July and had no relapse whatsoever.

His father was elated to report this excellent and wonderful cure.

Uploaded on 3rd December 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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