10-Year-Old Child Gets An Excellent Relief From Asthma With Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 10-year-old child, Master K.I. (PIN: 27121) visited Life Force on 22nd October 2015 with severe complaints of Asthma. The child was suffering from severe asthma with breathing difficulties. He also had complaints of continuous bouts of sneezing, particularly in the early morning. There was a cough with expectoration affecting him adversely. Breathlessness at night was the major difficulty which he faced, and, due to it, his sleep was highly disturbed. The patient had to wake up and sit at night to feel better.

His complaints used to turn worse after eating sour foods, such as lemons, oranges. Nights were unbearable for him due to breathing issues. His previous medications included taking nebulizer (Budecort + Duolin) every night. All his complaints used to get aggravated on the exposure to dust and pollution.

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Past History:
He suffered from Pneumonia a year ago and episodes of urticaria two years ago.

Family History:
There was a major history of diseases present in his family. His mother suffered from osteoarthritis and hypothyroidism. His maternal grandfather suffered from tuberculosis. His paternal grandfather had lung cancer.

A detailed case history involving all his health issues was taken. The entire case history was then studied by Dr. Shah and, based on the same, research-based homeopathic medicines were prescribed to the patient. Our associate doctors advised the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to the patient.

On 7th December 2015, the patient visited us for the first follow-up. His breathing issues had improved by 30%. The severity of his complaints had reduced. Sneezing had also reduced but, still, it was present. His cough had increased as he had traveled to the seaside during the holidays. Depending on the existing condition, medicines were again prescribed to him.

By 19th January 2016, his breathlessness had improved by 50%. His daily episodes were not as severe as before. He could sleep with better relief as compared to at the start of the treatment. His sneezing had reduced from 25-30 times to 10-15 times now. His bouts of sneezing were also not as frequent as before.

By April 2016, his breathlessness had reduced by 90%. He had suffered from four mild episodes in the last four months. Sleeping was becoming comfortable for him. He did not have to wake up and sit at nights, unlike before. His relief from sneezing kept on improving. No nebulization was done from the last 1 month. His appetite had also improved. His relief from his cough had also improved considerably.

By August 2016, his breathlessness had completely vanished. His relief from sneezing was improving significantly. He had experience only 1 mild episode in the last 2 months. His condition was improving. The medicines were continued to improve his immunity and treat the condition from the root level.

By August 2017, the patient had no issues of breathing. No severe episode of sneezing had occurred. No issues of the blocked nose were present. His relief from coughing had also improved. 
The patient was also affected by Fungal infection, in the meanwhile, for which he had started treatment from us.

The patient is currently free from asthmatic episodes, and he can breathe freely. His medications are being continued, and he is on a progressive path towards the recovery from Asthma.

1.This case illustrates the strength of homeopathic medications, particularly the latest homeopathic medications found after immense research done by Dr. Shah. These medicines have shown substantial improvement in the treatment of such difficult cases.
2.The lifetime dependency on allopathic medications in case of children suffering from Asthma can be reduced and stopped with homeopathic medications depending on the severity. Thus, homeopathy is highly effective in treating asthma in kids successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Neethu K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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