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Frequent Colds

It is normal for one to suffer with a bout of cold once in a while; which may not require much treatment. However, if one suffers with it once every month or 25 days in a month, either due to allergies, infection or pollen, it definitely calls for strategic treatment.

Most children and adults take leaves from school or work due to colds. The conventional treatment entails use of anti-histamine, anti-pain, antibiotics, which help symptomatically, but they do not prevent the recurrence.

Is there anything that can prevent frequent recurrence of colds?

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Symptoms of frequent colds

S. R. J. (India) - Frequent Colds
Myself Gauri Rajesh Jadhav, I have very good experience with Life Force. My child always used to suffer from frequent colds and cough so I started medicines from Life Force and he got lot of relief from this medicines.

So I thanks Life Force for giving such nice days to my son.

Mrs. B. Mehta, India - Frequent Colds
The treatment and co-operation of the doctor was very good. I had not thought my Frequent colds would get cured so early, I had taken many treatments but there was no response. This was the best treatment.

7 years old cheerful girl found excellent recovery for frequent colds with Dr. Shah’s medications. - Frequent Colds
Miss M. H. V. visited Life Force on 12th December 2012. Her Patient Identification Number is 20361. She was accompanied by her mother. She was suffering from frequent cold and coughs since 2 – 3 years. The frequency of the infection had increased since the past 6 months. She would have an episode every 2 – 3 months which would last for 2 – 3 weeks. She would have symptoms of cold, running nose and rattling cough. The cough would be some times associated with episodes of vomiting. She had fever and decreased appetite. She would easily feel tired and dull. She was not gaining weight as per the age. She was taking cough syrups but was not responding to them. Her colds would increase in the rainy season and dust. in detail

My bronchitis was cured in just 4 months medicines of Dr. Shah. - Frequent Colds
Mr. D. S. was a trader of machinery parts near New Delhi. His daughter was being treated by Dr. Shah for a skin ailment and recovering gradually. Mr. D. S. himself had few chronic episodes of cough which were not recovering with conventional medicines. He decided to try homeopathy and visited Life Force on 15th December 2012. He was registered with patient identification number – 20397. His case details were taken by an associate doctor. in detail

Yes, homeopathy can significantly reduce frequency, intensity and severity of colds. It is proven. And, it can do it without producing any side effects.

Homeopathic medicines, especially Dr Rajesh Shah's research based new molecules have been documented having prove efficacy for frequent colds. They enhance body's immunity making them less sensitive to changes in climate and resistant to infections.

Children as well adults can be benefited undoubtedly using homeopathy.

Besides frequent colds, homeopathy is also highly recommended due to its marvelous results, for the treatment of frequent sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, ear infections, bronchitis and asthma.

If you have one of the above disease, you have to explore homeopathy as an option for your treatment. It can change your life.

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