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1. "My voice is back now!!"... A case of vocal cord nodule successfully treated with homeopathy -

Forty two year old male, Mr. S. M. (Patient Identification Number: 22792) visited LifeForce, on 17th May 2014 for his complaint of vocal cord nodule.

2. His life was restricted due to back pain and anxiety. Now he could move freely ... -

Thirty-eight year old, Mr. C. H. K.(Patient Identification Number: 23210) visited LifeForce on 26th July 2014 for his complaints of backache and anxiety disorder. Read More...

3. A middle aged woman finds wonderful relief in her long standing Meniere's disease! -

Mrs. D. A. K., forty eight years old female, staying at Mulund (Patient identification number : 22964), consulted Dr Shah for Meniere’s disease. She was suffering from vertigo since last fifteen years. It was associated with vomiting and right sided hearing loss. Since last fifteen days the vomiting occurred two to three times a day. Otherwise episodes occurred once in a month. Vertigo would last for fifteen to twenty minutes. Her complaints increased on fasting and lying on back. She got relief by sleeping or lying on right side. There was no specific treatment that she took for meniere’s disease. Read More...

4. A Marketing head personnel from Gujarat gets complete freedom from his fifteen years old extensive psoriasis! - Psoriasis

Mr. P. K. P (Patient Identification Number: 16711), sixty two years old resident of Baroda, Gujarat visited LifeForce on 14th August 2011. He came for taking treatment for psoriasis. His psoriasis was extensive and was present all over the body. He had intensive scaling and cracks in the lesions. There was lot of pain and itching. Since the lesions were very active, there was severe redness seen in the patches. He was suffering from psoriasis since the year 1995-1996. It started with lesions on both knees and elbow joints. The psoriatic lesions were fluctuating till 2010, when it suddenly increased after taking ayurvedic medicines. He observed new patches on face and hands since last six months. Currently, he was taking 7.5 mg of immunosuppressant (Methotrexate) once a week since two months. Read More...

5. 100% improvement in Lichen Planus achieved with Dr Shah's homeopathy. - Lichen Planus

Mrs. S. D (Patient Identification Number: 10028), a fifty six year old obese female reported to LifeForce, Chembur, Mumbai on 1st October 2007 with complaints of lichen planus since two months. She complained of multiple scattered purplish eruptions on the legs, thighs, left wrist, under breasts and abdomen. All the patches were steroid masked as she was applying propionate ointment since two weeks daily without any substantial relief. The eruptions were spreading rapidly along with severe itching. Read More...

6. Rapid and effective solution to dermatitis found within a year at LifeForce! - Eczema

This is a case of a forty four years old lady, Mrs. S. S. G. (Patient identification number : 23229) who reported to LifeForce on 29th July 2014 with the complaint of contact dermatitis (eczema) on both her feet, especially on the area covered by the leather shoe strap. She was having this complaint since last six years. The area affected would change according to the type of shoes she wore. The eruptions were self limiting, lasting for one to two days. She would also have eruptions on her wrist due to the strap of the watch. She was allergic to the chemicals in lipsticks as well. She complained of redness and itching along with a weird sensation as if ants were crawling on her feet. Also, the affected area had got thickened due to inflammation. The itching was specifically worse at three o’clock in the morning, after eating fish, potatoes, brinjals and cashew nuts. It would increase whenever she was stressed up. She was taking ayurvedic treatment without any relief. For itching, she had been applying aloe vera gel. In the past, she had similar eruptions on her face which was improved with homeopathic treatment. Read More...

7. Amazing powers of homeopathy cures Molluscum Contagiosum in four months! -

Here is a case of Mr. A. H. U, twenty six years old, (Patient Identification Number: 22713), who reported to LifeForce on 2nd May 2014 with a complaint of tiny eruptions on face since past six months. It was diagnosed as “molluscum contagiosum” after a thorough examination at LifeForce clinic. He suffered from small mustard seed sized eruptions, about seven to eight in number, located especially on his face, more so on the beard area. The complaint used to get worse after shaving. The number of eruptions kept fluctuating but he was never totally free from them in the past six months. He did not have pain or itching on the affected part. He had applied an ayurvedic cream for three months but he had stopped using it since past one month as it was not giving any relief. He had also taken some conventional treatment for a period of one month in the past but with no significant relief. Read More...

8. Excellent and quick recovery in chronic case of frequent cold with Dr Shah's medicines. - Frequent Colds

Mr. G. C., twenty four years old male (Patient Identification Number: 8888), residing in Mumbai, came for the treatment of recurrent rhinitis on 14th September 2009. He was suffering from frequent running nose and sneezing since eight years. There was no fever associated with running nose. Complaints increased after bathing, on waking up in morning, with dust and draft of air. Physical examination showed bilateral nasal polyps along with nasal septal deviation. He was taking allopathic treatment from his family physician as and when required. There were no other associated complaints. Read More...

9. Homoeopathy effortlessly relieves Calcaneal Spur pain. -

Mrs. A. S., a fifty-nine year old house wife (Patient Identification Number: 23249) visited LifeForce on 1st August 2014. She had been suffering from pain in her left heel since last three months. An X-ray of the heel done recently showed a calcaneal spur (a projection of the heel bone). She had tried Short Wave Diathermy given by her physiotherapist, which had given relief for a few weeks, but since the last ten days, the pain had again increased. Read More...

10. An automobile design engineer suffering from erectile dysfunction finds outstanding results with homeopathy. -

Mr. S. P. (Patient Identification Number: 23681), a thirty four years old man visited Life Force on 23rd of September 2014 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. He complained of sexual weakness and difficulty in penile erection since last four years. He tried having intercourse several times with his girl friend, but was unable to do so. Even if he could get an erection, he would suffer from premature ejaculation. On interrogating further, he revealed that he used to masturbate very frequently and also he wore very tight undergarments. He had taken conventional treatment (Viagra) for the sexual dysfunction problem but got no relief. Read More...

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