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Headache of all kinds respond well to homeopathy, especially the chronic and recurring ones.

Migraine headache often vascular in origin, resulting from congested veins in the head. There are other forms of headaches such as tension headache and non-specific headaches.

The typical symptoms of migraine are recurring headache, any side of the head, usually one-sided, with sensitivity to light, with nausea or at times with vomiting, no desire to eat, etc.

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Symptoms of migraine headache

R.V., NSW, Australia - Migraine
I am undergoing treatment from you for my thyroid problem. My migraine attack has reduced and comes once every 5-6 weeks. It always starts on the left side.
Since commencing with your medicine I feel less lethargic.

Kathy Becke - WJ, United States - Migraine
I am feeling very, very well after Homeopathic treatment. Thanks to Dr Shah my Migraine headaches have significantly improved.

There was no recurrence in the headaches in the last two years... - Migraine
A 10 years old male child, Master S.N. (Pin no: L5431) visited Life Force for his complaint of Migraine of two years origin in 2007. He had frequent complaint of headache; mostly in the frontal region. It would occur once in 15 days and last for 25-30 hours. Along with headache there would be vomiting during each episode. ...read in detail

34 years old had recurrent headaches since last 16 years. It would tend to be very severe in intensity and would become intolerable with light or noise and would sometimes feel nauseated. - Migraine
34 years old male patient, Mr. S. D. M. (Patient ref. no: 5837) reported to us for complaints of recurrent headaches since last 16 years. The complaints had started early in his college days when the stress of studies was a lot and as the pressure of his studies grew, his migraines also began to increase in frequency and in intensity. His headaches would tend to be very severe in intensity and he would not be able to tolerate light or noise during the headache. There would be intense throbbing on top of the head and on the sides of the head. He would just feel like lying down in bed and do nothing when the headache would be severe. Massaging the head, hitting the head with some hard object such as the wall and pulling the hair would give him some relief from the pain. Another peculiar thing which he had noted was that he would tend to get the headache after the weekend passed off and generally on Mondays at about 11 am. Also it would be worse on cloudy days as compared to sunny days. He would always feel the headache coming on (aura) and unmistakably the headache would begin in about half an hour or so. He would sometimes feel nauseated during the headache but he never had any vomiting. ...read in detail

One has to compare it with and rule out similar headache, which may be due to sinusitis.

Patients with migraine often keep popping in pain-killer medicines every now and than, without realizing that they are habit forming besides having adverse effects.

The patients who have recurring headaches must know that homeopathy is an option they cannot ignore.

At Life Force, we have worked on a large number of cases of chronic headaches and have documented significant results.

The homeopathic medicines for migraine are selected on the basis of the type of the headache, its cause, the personality of the patients and the factors, which trigger headache.

All about Migraine: www.askdrshah.com/app/migraine
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