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Headache of all kinds respond well to homeopathy, especially the chronic and recurring ones.

Migraine headache often vascular in origin, resulting from congested veins in the head. There are other forms of headaches such as tension headache and non-specific headaches.

The typical symptoms of migraine are recurring headache, any side of the head, usually one-sided, with sensitivity to light, with nausea or at times with vomiting, no desire to eat, etc.

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Symptoms of migraine headache

Mangesh Tukrul, India. - Migraine
I, Mr. Mangesh Tukrul residing in Mumbai. Before taking treatment i was suffering from one sided headache. the pain was extremely severe. i was not able to see light or hear noise due to intense pain. One day my manager suggested me to visit Life Force and discuss your headache with the doctor.
Today i thank him as well as Life Force as since i had started medicine, I have not experienced the same pain on any single day till today.

Husband of F. Savio, India - Migraine
Excellent services and good employees. Very friendly. Will recommend if any one requires. Since my wife, Filcy Savio has started her treatment with LifeForce for Migraine ,her experience and the treatment has been positive. Feels better.

"I was relieved of my intense, severe and chronic Migraine with Dr. Shah’s medications." - Migraine
Mr. R. R. J. visited Life Force on 6th October 2012. His daughter was being treated for Lichen Planus by Dr. Shah and had found good recovery in few months. So Mr. R. R. J. decided to start his treatment for Migraine with Dr. Shah. His patient identification number is 20021. He was a 40 years old gentleman. He was an engineer having a manufacturing unit of electronic control automated systems. He was suffering from severe, incapacitating headaches, since 10 – 15 years. The headache was usually associated with acidity. The frequency would vary from five days in a week to once in 15 – 20 days. There were several triggering factors for this like stress, irregular meal timings, skipping the meals, sun exposure, anxiety, fasting, light, noise and loss of sleep. He would get some relief by sleeping and tight pressure. He would take as and when required pain killers and antacids. Sometimes he would require 4 – 5 pain killers in a week. He was fed up of taking these pain killers which in turn would increase his acidity and cause stomach upset. ...read in detail

A Lady suffering with Cervical Spondylitis and Migraine recovered completely - Migraine
Mrs. D. A (Patient Identification Number 13290) visited our clinic for the treatment of Cervical Spondylitis and Migraine on 5th February 2010. ...read in detail

One has to compare it with and rule out similar headache, which may be due to sinusitis.

Patients with migraine often keep popping in pain-killer medicines every now and than, without realizing that they are habit forming besides having adverse effects.

The patients who have recurring headaches must know that homeopathy is an option they cannot ignore.

At Life Force, we have worked on a large number of cases of chronic headaches and have documented significant results.

The homeopathic medicines for migraine are selected on the basis of the type of the headache, its cause, the personality of the patients and the factors, which trigger headache.

All about Migraine: www.askdrshah.com/app/migraine
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