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Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a patchy hair loss on the scalp, face or any hairy part of the body. There can be one or many, small or large patches without hair.

Alopecia areata can happen due to inner, auto-immune disease which leads to destruction of the roots of the hair follicle. This is often related with associated auto-immune diseases such as Underactive thyroid, vitiligo, diabetes.

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Ellie A., USA - Alopecia Areata
My hairfall has significantly improved and its almost 95% back to normal. There was a chunch behind my head which is totally full now.

Mother of S.T., IN, USA - Alopecia Areata
My son started treatment almost four months ago and he's making good progress. He had lost all his eye-brows and had lots of bald patches on his scalp. Since we started using the Homeopathic Medicine, his hair is actually stopped falling and we noticed that no new bald patches are forming.

A young, smart unit manager of an esteemed bank found cure for Alopecia Areata with just 4 month’s medications. - Alopecia Areata
Ms. N. D. visited Life Force on 12th November 2008. She was staying in Mumbai and consulted Dr. Shah for Alopecia. She had noticed a small bald spot on her vertex, about four days ago. She did not have any visible major hair loss. Her patient identification number is 11428. in detail

Lady with alopecia areata 7 big patches on scalp with extreme hair fall in bunches, recovered well in 6 months - Alopecia Areata
Female patient, 46 years old, from a distance state of Methalaya, (northeast of India), presented on 26th April 2012 to Life Force center. She was a housewife. She came with the complaint of Alopecia Areata since a year. She had 7 big patches and 2-3 small patches on her scalp with extreme hair fall in bunches. Her patient identification number is 18964. in detail

All the patients with alopecia areata bust be investigated for underactive thyroid through a simple blood test costing about 10 dollars or Rs. 600.

We have observed that alopecia areata if treated by injecting cortisone on the affected spots may give temporary relief and the patches may lose hair again at the same place or elsewhere.

Homeopathy works wonderfully for all the cases of alopecia areata. Homeopathy does not work if there is scarring on the affected areas.

Homeopathy addresses underlying autoimmune disease process while treating Alopecia Areata so the results are long lasting and of course, the treatment is free from any adverse effects.

At Life Force, we have documented a large number of alopecia areata cases from all across the world.

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