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Fissure-in-ano or anal fissure is a painful and annoying condition. So as piles or hemorrhoids.

Fissure in anus is a bruise or cut on the anal skin, due to pressure of hard stool, which may bleed and it is very painful. It may give pain for a few hours after passing stool. Due to easy infection, it might not heal easily.

Piles are veins, which are distended, a bit relaxed and may be hardened; and tend to bleed. If the piles are inside the rectum, they may not be painful. If they are outside, they may be painful.

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Symptoms of fissure in Ano

B. G., India .. - Fissure-in-ano
The pain is almost gone I can say 70%, the bowel is alright. I want to thank Dr Shah for providing me the best treatment.

Mrs. P. K - Mumbai, India - Fissure-in-ano
I was undergoing treatment for fissure for 9 months. I was going through lots of pain earlier. After the treatment I feel fully recovered from the fissures. The treatment plan given to me was very nice as I felt better within a month’s time.

A 32 years old lady reported to our clinic with the complaints of an acute and severe fissure-in-ano... - Fissure-in-ano
A 32 years old lady Mrs. P.G. [PIN 14943] reported to our center on 11 October 2010, with the complaints of an acute and severe fissure-in-ano. in detail

Prolonged fissure in ano cured within a year with homeopathic medicines - Fissure-in-ano
Mr. K. K. (PIN NO - 14906) registered for our online treatment for Fissure in ano. He started the treatment on 1st October 2010. He had been suffering from this since 2003. It had started when he was staying in Mumbai, in a hostel for studies. Now he was residing in Gurgaon. He would suffer from bleeding once a week. He would have bleeding and burning pain after passing stools. The frequency would increase if he consumed any sour food like curd, buttermilk etc. He had taken some conventional treatment as and when required, but it gave temporary relief. in detail

In both the conditions, fissure-in-ano as well as piles, homeopathy is very effective.

Most cases of Fissures in anus can be treated with great success using homeopathy. They are safe, of course.

Piles come in four stages or degrees. First and second degree piles can be cured with homeopathy, as they are relatively mild. Third degree piles can be helped to great extent and surgery may be delayed or avoided. However, forth degrees piles or prolapsed piles can be only helped symptomatically, before surgery is undertaken.

For treating anal fissure and piles, one has to address the internal cause, such as constipation, diarrhea, or other factors leading to their formation.

Homeopathy works wonders for both these conditions.

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