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Lichen Planus Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with Lichen Planus, a disease of the skin (also sometimes affecting mouth, genitals, nails and scalp), most probably you must have heard this name for the first time. Lichen Planus affects about 1.5% of the world population.

It is likely that your local conventional doctor may have commented that Lichen planus is not curable. Well, he or she must have said so as per the experience with the conventional medicine. When it comes to homeopathy, the success rate of getting Lichen Planus treated is is vey high.

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T. K. New Philadelphia, Greece - Lichen Planus

G.B.B. , USA - Lichen Planus
After starting the treatment, I was prescribed 4 months of medicines. By the completion of 4 months, on 28 January 2011, I had responded great.

Extensive Lichen Planus eruptions on hands, abdomen, back and thighs with intolerable itching which were considered as incurable. - Lichen Planus
This is a case of a 35 yr old lady (Patient Pin No: L- 6251) residing in the UAE. This lady came to the clinic for the treatment of Lichen Planus since the past 2 months. She had extensive eruptions on her hands, abdomen, thighs as well as her back. She complained of immense itching which was worse when she wore tight fitting clothing. in detail

Dr. Shah’s right prescription worked like a charm and I got a solution to my illness. - Lichen Planus
Mr. J. V. a business analyst residing in Schaumburg, Illinois, US availed our online treatment for Lichen Planus (Patient Identification Number - 13930). He had researched over the internet and came across Dr. Shah’s website. He filled in the questionnaire online on 3rd December 2007. He was a 36 years, well built man. in detail

At Life Force, the research work by the founder Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, has revolutionized the treatment of Lichen Planus. The new research based molecules, which have patents to the credit of Dr Shah, bring excellent success in treating Lichen Planus.

Lichen Planus on skin is, now, treatable using homeopathy. We have treated and documented over 3000 cases of Lichen Planus from all across the world. All areas affected by Lichen planus, including skin, genitals, mouth, scalp and the nails; have been treated at Life Force. Also, all types such as Lichen planus pigmentosa, Lichen pilo-pilaris, etc. have been treated here.

Lichen Planus on skin is easier to treat as compared to one in the mouth or genitals. Those who have taken plenty of cortisone in the form of oral, topical or mouth-wash, are, relatively more difficult to treat than who have not. Of course, they are treatable with great success, if adequate time is given.

Please examine some videos on Lichen Planus here and also many webpages written on Lichen Planus by Dr Shah.

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