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  Sheetal Makwana (India) - Vitiligo
I have been taking my homoepathic medicines since 17 March 2012 and i am glad to see the improvement. The spreading has definitely stopped. I am noticing considerable repigmentation.The spots on my neck which were quite prominently white has uniformly changing browner. It is not only me who see this difference but all my near and dear ones who also says me the same. Thanks for your medicine and thank you for putting the smile back on my face.....

Uploaded on 16 April 2012 by Dr. Z. A.
  K. C. SHAH (India) -
I, Kamini Shah saw the advertisement about Life Force in the news paper. I had developed a non healing ulcer on my foot. It cured completely with Dr Shah’s treatment. There were a lot of white spots adjoining the ulcer, these also re-pigmented very well. The swelling on my feet also reduced. I got very good benefit with the treatment.
  N. L. RAMESH (India) - Lichen Planus
Have had a great recovery from Lichen Planus which I thought would never go away. Even the scars have lightened significantly though not completely gone away.
However my children have cold and cough repetitively for which I hope to find a solution in Homeopathy.
  DR L. MARK (India) -
I came to know about Life Force through my father and his colleagues, who had been successfully treated for Lichen Planus. I had a severe disc extrusion at L4-L5 with disc degenerative disease diagnosed on January.

I was advised surgery and was on pain killers. I met Dr Shah on January 28 and have been on Homeopathy since then. After approximately one month of Homeopathy treatment, I stopped the concomittant usage of pain killers and the Homeopathic treatment obviated the usage of pain killers.
It has been 5 months since I started the treatment and I don't have any symptoms of radiculopathy.

Also I don't have any symptoms of neurological deficit.

I have also being reffering many patients with sciatica and radiculopathy to Life Force,
after the remarkable progress in my recovery.

Even I have managed to silence my critics in the medical fratirnity who were skeptical of my treatment.
  A. S. V. (India) - Vitiligo
Dear Brothers and Sisters.
If you have Vitiligo spots and you are fed-up with this, I have a solution for you.
Please do visit Life Force clinic [Dr. Shah ] You will get good results in your Vitiligo.
My experience with Life Force-
I had two Vitiligo spots on my neck 1 year ago and I tried Allopathy treatment, but it did not work.
Due to Dr Shah’s treatment, I got 90 % recovery within six months.
So I am very grateful to him. I am ready to share my experiences with Life Force.
  S. HARIHARAN (India) - Psoriasis
Dear Dr Shah, many many thanks to you for all the help you are providing to the many patients of which one is my daughter, PIN: 18816, Baby S. H, 10 years of age suffering from Psorasis. She started treatment on the 13th April and her condition was very bad, upon browsing the net about the disease i came across your website and your wonderful work. She is now 90% without any new leisons or and now has a few white patches that are gradually sort of getting back to her original colour. The amount of thanks we need to send you is not at all enough, especially since she is a girl and she was very active and robust, but after she got hit with this disease her self confidence just slacked. But thanks to you and your team that her confidence is back. Many thanks Dr Shah, you deserve all the blessings that a Dr deserves.

Uploaded on 29 May 2012 by Dr. Z.A.R.

  B.K. Shah - Psoriasis
I am very satisfied with treatment given to me in Life Force. I had psoriasis in my palms and soles. I came to know about life Force through newspapers.

I have been cured of it and i am very happy that I have a normal skin like all others. I am thankful to Dr. Shah and their team for the medical help and their co-operation. Thank you.
  KAILASH GULATI (mumbai) - Lichen Planus
My experience at Life Force is cery good The team of Life Force is very Co- operative.
Dr Rajesh Shah personally cared for the patient. I am feeling very better when i start the treatment 9
can.t take every thing without any problem. thank u very much to the entire team of Life Force.

Uploaded on 26th Oct 2012 by Dr. A.P.
  M.J.PEREIRA Thane - Psoriasis
I was having Psoriasis of the scalp.
When I have used Dr Shah's medicines it has improved by 50 %.

Uploaded on 25th oct 2012 by Dr. M.N.P
  S.S.MENON Thane - Anxiety Neurosis
I came here eight months ago. At that time, I was totally disturbed by anxiety problems. When I came to know about Life Force, I came here and met Dr. Shah. I am totally satisfied with his medicines and now I am feeling much better than before. Thank You very much to Dr. Shah and to his entire team.
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