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  S. P., India - Nephrotic Syndrome
There has been a large improvement. My son has had no relapse since starting with the treatment. The Prednisone has been reduced to 2.5 mg every alternate day, which has been made possible only with homeopathy.
  H. C., UK - Lichen Planus
I have responded very well to the treatment. The improvement is very significant and i am ever so grateful to have my life back. Thank you very much Dr Shah.

I really appreciate the treatment. My mouth feels good and though i can't eat chillies i am glad i can eat without pain!
  R. S., USA - Vitiligo
I am encouraged by the fact that progression of the vitiligo seems to have slowed or stopped.

Couple of spots on my right hand seem to have gone away.
  T.A., UAE - Ulcerative Colitis
I feel better with Dr Shah's treatment for ulcerative colitis.
  C. K., USA - Psoriasis
There has been good improvement since I started with the treatment. The flare ups have reduced and they subside faster. The psoriasis is now covering only about 20% of my body. My back and chest are completely clear (being where the lesions used to be).
  Batul Fazal, Tanzania - Cervical Spondylitis
I had an attack of spondylitis and frozen shoulder (right) last year i.e. Dec 07, I tried many allopathic physiotherapy, shoulder patches etc but no success.

Somehow by browsing on search engine, my husband came to know about Dr. Shah's treatment. Having tried other medicines without success, we thought of trying Dr. Shah's treatment as well, just for a change.

Thank god, as it has worked very well... My pain has subsided and frozen shoulder problem improved 60 to 70% in just a year.

Thanks a lot Dr. Shah.

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  S.T., USA - Vitiligo
The treatment has been very good, a lot of improvement. The spots have stopped spreading.
In about 4 weeks i started seeing a difference especially on finger tips saw that they were getting pinkish and stopped from getting white.

I am glad and happy that disease is stopping from spreading.

The medication does work, except that i started a little late, i didnt know there was a cure for vitiligo!
  R. R., USA - Vitiligo
There has been remarkable improvement with the vitiligo. We have seen no new areas develop which pleases us greatly.

The spots under the left arm have improved by about 50-75%. The spots are begining to fill with color filling across from one side to the other. The area above the left buttock has also improved by about 25%, this is a small area and is not as white as it use to be. It is about half the size it was since first starting medications, the under arm areas are also about half the size since originaly starting. My son continues to show improvement with every medicine you send.

We continue to be very pleased with your treatment and dedication and plan to continue as long as needed. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  G. B., USA - Lichen Planus
My improvements are great. When I first started taking the medicine I didn't see much improvement but I kept taking my medication and the lichen planus just got better.

The LP has stopped spreading. I am doing good.
  H. M., Pakistan - Lichen Planus
The response to the treatment has been good.

Most of the marks on my body have gone away.
Only one mark, on the back of my lower left leg, remains.

There has been much improvement in the lichen planus since I started taking the medicine.
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