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  I. M., USA - Psoriasis
I have responded very well to the treatment. The psoriasis has stopped spreading. The itching has reduced, it is not as severe as it was before the treatment.

I feel healthier. I feel less tired and my skin is much better. Since starting the treatment i have noticed my health has improved. The treatment has helped me a lot.

My health has improved about 60% because the affected areas have decreased and they are much better.
  S. B., Canada - Psoriasis
There is 25-30% improvement. The spread has slowed down. The scales have thinned down. The cured areas of the skin have turned dark. Thank GOD and thank Dr Shah, most of the patches have totally dissappeared. The scalp is almost clear we dont see any visual sign. One big patch on leg is smoothened out but the residual scar still remains.

Overall wonderful and astonishing results. I hope their is no reccurence.
  A. A., Singapore - Vitiligo
There is improvement on the neck, the chin has lightened up. The one below the eye seems better. No new spot has appeared anywhere.
  V. B., India - Trigeminal Neuralgia
I am fine with your treatment. Now no mazetol doses are required to cure up the pain, it is fully on your treatment.
  S. I., India - Urticaria
The medicines are working well for me. The hives have reduced drastically. There is 50% improvement. Earlier when i used to go out in the afternoon i used to get hives, now they have reduced a lot and even if i get hives they subside very fast.

  K. N., USA - Trigeminal Neuralgia
The trigeminal neuralgia has improved further by 35 - 40%. The pain have decreased in intensity. I am now able to walk for much longer period of timel. I don't feel as fragile as I did at the beginning.

Dated: 18 March, 09

I have improved approximately 65% since beginning treatment. Since the last round of medicine I have improved approximately 35 - 40%. All of my symptoms have decreased in intensity even though some still remain.

Dated: 17 July, 09

I have responded very well to the treatment so far. Since the initial treatment began I have seen about a 75% improvement.

My hearing has improved a great deal. I am now able to walk much longer distances and for a longer amount of time. In general my overall body movements are becoming more normal. With this last medicine I have noted some release in my head. Specifically, the left side of the back of my head has released and my upper palate on the left has continued to slowly release over time as well. I am now able to turn my head to the left much better.

Thanks to Dr. Shah for all your efforts it gives me hope to get completely cured soon.
  S. A., USA - Vitiligo
There is 50% improvement. The treatment seems to be working. I do not see any new visible spots. There is no increase in the vitiligo and it is responding positively. The spots have surely reduced in size.
  S. A., Pakistan - Underactive Thyroid
The TSH reduced from 75 to 13.6, then followed by a slight increase to 22.1, this reduced to 17.6 in 8 weeks with the treatment. Now my TSH is 11.4. This is great! It is reducing drastically.

  V. N., Australia - Hepatitis C
The medicine works, I feel a lot better.
  S. J., USA - Lichen Planus
There has been excellent improvement at various times with the treatment. There have been no eruptions in corner of lips or anus.
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