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  A. D. T., Thailand - Urticaria
I have responded very well. Improvement is about 90%!!! There are no serious attacks since I have started treatment. There are very occasional relapses may be for one day or so. Over all very good results, Urticaria has definitely slowed down with your treatment.

I am very pleased with the situation so far and hope that your next stage of the
treatment will cure it completely...
  M. Z. Slovenia - Lichen Planus
After two and a half years of taking homeopathic medicines I feel much more stable and at ease with myself and others. Your constant and highly professional help brought redemption into my life, after experiencing darkness and only darkness changes slowly but persistently appeared. Contact with my body and emotions within raised and now I feel much more structured and vivacious. I'm 50 this year and my recovering is due to your help the best gift I've got for a celebration present.

Recovering from two hard chronic diseases (Lichen Planus and depression) is the highest proof of your important homeopathic mission and my trust in your work is undoubted. For a longer period I recommend your clinic to people who can't reach their health "normally", with classical medicine. But their doubts are unfortunately still stronger then trust.

So – thanks to all of you for your healing help and I wish you health, love and freedom.
  T. D., USA - Hepatitis C
I know that our progress report is not due until September 10. But I just could not wait this long, because we already get wonderful, almost miraculous results!
On July 27 we did the labs, and Vernon''s liver panel is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. He is infected with hepatitis C for 27 years, and I have many of his labs over this period. He NEVER even one time had normal AST/ALT, especially this low! I am sending his new labs to you. Just in May they were horrible. I expected improvement, but could not even imagine such result.
His doctor even thought that the labs were mixed with somebody else''s. But they are Vernon''s!
Please, inform Drs Rajesh and Rupal Shah about this. Thank you so much-there are really no words to express how greatful we are.
  Kirti Jain, India - Urticaria
My name is Kirti Jain, mazgaon. I was having more allergy before and I was very problem of allergy from 2 -3 years. I was taking treatment from different doctors. Once I was travelling in a train and I saw Life Force. From 1 year my treatment is going on and I am feeling very nice after I came to Life Force. Now I am very nice.
  Abhishek Rai, Uttar Pradesh, India - Hepatitis C
I really feel that treatment in Life Force is very effective.

When I started my treatment in Life Force my viral load was approx 34 lacks and after a treatment of just 4 months viral load has reduced drastically to approx 1.5 lacks.

Thanks to Dr. Shah and his team!!!
  K. Vrinda, India - Lichen Planus

Came to know about Life Force from internet. Life Force ahould advertise aggresively as the treatment is good and the Patient does get cured in the time span stated by Dr. Shah.
(Patient suffering from Licehen Planus)
  Madan Kochhar, India - Psoriasis
There has been considerable improvement since I started the treatment (75%). The effected areas are the lower back and the outer thighs. Since last medicine these have improved about 50%.

The disease has slowed down. New spots do crop up but they heal in due course.
  H. S. S. D. Prasanna, Andhra Pradesh, India - Lichen Planus
The treatment I received for Lichen Planus from Dr. Shah is excellent !!!

About one and half years back , when I was told by the allopathic doctors that there is no cure for Lichen Planus, I was in great agony. It is my wife, who searched net and found Life force.

After starting treatment with Dr. Shah, in just one and half years, the intensity of lichen Planus has come down drastically, most of the body marks are fading close to normal skin, and I have very few patches now.

I am confident that with regular usage of Dr. Shah’s medicines, probably in about 6 months, I would be completely relieved of this.

Life Force really brought my happiness back.
  Abdul Rauf Shaikh, father of Razan, Bahrain -
Excellent!!! My son Razan is an Autistic child, very much hyper, in the night; in fact in 24 hrs he was sleeping only for 2 hrs maximum. But after taking treatment with Life Force, he is sleeping in the night.

Secondly, he was not giving any response to us, was not talking, not ready to listen and not following our instructions, no emotions. But now he is responding us, he knows who is his mummy, daddy, teacher etc. He is showing his emotions!!!!

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  Father of A. P., United Arab Emirates - Vitiligo
I have observed very good improvement with your treatment for Vitiligo, especially on hands, shoulder and legs. Hands, Shoulder: 80% to 90% improvement, Thighs & Legs: 50 % improvement and Hips: 30 to 40% improvement.

No new spot has been observed!!!
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