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  Parents of Sukhmani Bagga, Canada - Psoriasis
Thank God and Thank Dr Shah, most of the patches have totally disappeared. Her scalp is almost clear. We don’t see any visual sign. One big patch on leg is smoothened, but the residual scar still remains. Scalp psoriasis is slowly improving.

Overall wonderful and astonishing results. Almost 5% of the North Americans population suffers from this disease and they continue taking steroids based ointments. I guess they don’t trust/know homeopathy as we do.

We are very pleased with the results and are very thankful to the god almighty for leading us to your website.
  D. P., USA - Eczema
It's about 90% gone. The dermatitis started on my finger and the rash has not recurred nor my itched since starting the medication. A new patch that started on my upper arm prior to receiving my medication is almost gone (90%).
  I. G. V, Argentina - Vitiligo
I have responded great to the treatment, constant changes can be seen, which is really good. I do not take any other medicine but this. The disease has stopped to grow.
  G. S., USA - Lichen Planus
The treatment is slowly improving my situation with Lichen Planus. I also believe the disease has slowed down due to the treatment

Treatment so for has been good. I believe the medicine is helping my situation with Lichen Planus. My tongue has continued to improve with the current medication. Over-all my tongue has improved some 40 to 45% to date.
  S. B., North Dakota,USA - Lichen Planus
I feel that I have responded very well to treatment. My Lichen Planus is about 90% better!!

Everything has cleared up, except for the tender tongue. I haven't had any new show up anywhere. The spots that scarred have almost faded away. I do have 2 finger nails that haven't straighten out yet. The others have pretty much straightened out.
  A. K., Florida, USA - Urticaria
After this first batch of medicine I have drastically improved around 65%. I believe my itching has slowed down a lot...
  A. F., Australia - Lichen Planus
I have noticed a huge improvement in my Lichen Planus. I have not had a reoccurrence of this condition since I started the medication.
  Antonio Moulet, Spain - Lichen Planus
The improvement is very encouraging! Tongue's white spots have disappeared around 90%. Skin spots are much lighter, even some disappeared too. Nails show a small improvement, colour seems to look healthier (clearer).

Very happy with the improvement. Thanks a lot, Dr.
  S. G., USA - Psoriasis
The response to the treatment is quite significant since I have started 6-8 months back; I have greatly noticed improvement in the skin. Intensity of the rashes has also decreased considerably. Since last medicine, there has been significant control over the rashes. In fact I have noticed very few new rashes (may be 2-3). At the same time, existing rashes (in total - 10 rashes) over the face has gone away completely!!!

During the course of your medicine, I have stopped steroidal shots and topical ointments. The disease has slowed down and stopped spreading over the body. This is significant achievement that I have noticed in past few months.

Thanks to Dr. Shah and his team.
  R. S. London, UK - Psoriasis
Tremendous improvement since the treatment began and I am noticing continual improvement. My legs are less successful. I have complete clearance on my back now and I do not need to use any creams. My stomach and chest are much better. This is just remarkable.
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