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  K. K., India - Lichen Planus
The response is very good. The lichen planus has improved a lot and the spread to other areas is controlled. The LP on my hands has completely cured and has come to original skin. But my feet require further treatment.
  A. N., India - Urticaria
There has been 60 to 75% improvement with the urticaria. There is good progress. The recurrence has reduced drastically.

  A. K., India -
This is the third month of treatment and I am happy to say that there HAVE BEEN NO OUTBREAKS AT ALL. There is no itching sensation.

Inspite of hectic schedule and stress there was no outbreak of the herpes. In fact i consumed 30ml alcohol just to check and there was no outbreak it is as good as cure!

There is fantastic improvement. Absolutely no recurence.
  K. G., India - Lichen Planus
Some existing spots have further faded. The disease has stopped spreading.
  M. M., India - Ulcerative Colitis
"FANTASTIC RELIEF". I have no compliants at all. My ulcerative colitis is gone!!
  Mother of K. V., India - Vitiligo
The response to the treatment has been good. The disease has stopped spreading.

We understand the improvement has been gradual as it was a large patch. Now since the last two courses of medicine she has responded very well and I can say that there has been 75% improvement with the vitiligo.

  Liyakat Hassan Khan, Kuwait - Psoriasis
Before coming to Life Force, I was in a terrible shape with psoriasis. Fortunately I started to respond very positively to the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah and my life has completely changed from there on.

In three months, I was completely cured and I am very thankful to Dr. Shah without which I don’t know how long would I have carried on this disease.

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  Mother of J. S., USA -
The allergic reaction to diary products is really improving since taking this course of medicine.
I would say there is 90% improvement since the last course. Now he can have gulab jamoons (made with milk powder), he had cheese pizza little bit and nothing happened, he is having icecream he is fine.
  W. V., USA - Lichen Planus
The lichen planus has improved by about 75%. I still have a break out on my back and a little on my chest and a small amount on my arms and legs but the itching dosen't seem as bad as before. I feel the disease has slowed down. I feel little bumps on my skin, back, upper arms and legs but they don't itch.
  M. M., India - Ulcerative Colitis
90% improvement since starting the treatment 19 months ago. 65% improvement since the last course. I did not have any relapse after taking the last medicine. The frequency of stools have reduced. There is no pain in the abdomen or colon. I sometimes feel weakness but there is good improvement with time.
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