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  M. M., Canada - Ulcerative Colitis
90% improvement since starting medicine. 65% improvement since last course. I did not have any relapse after taking last medicine.

Frequency of stool is one in the morning with no pain or blood. Stool is Solid. There is no pain in abdomen or colon. There is very good improvement.
  M. J., USA - Urticaria
Great, I have not had any breakouts. The spots have begun to fade.
No additional spots have occurred.
  J. A., India - Frequent Colds
Lots of improvement, 85%. First the improvement was 90%, during the second quota of medicines, the improvement declined marginally to abt 85%. The recurrence of cold has reduced since the intake of the medicine.
  M. W., USA - Lichen Planus
I have improved drastically. The severe itching that I suffered from on my back and buttock has decreased about 90%. The sores on the back are no longer inflammed and red. They are now turning dark grey to black but still raised (not flat). My arms are also no longer itching as much and neither are my breast or abdomen.

The advancement of the disease has slowed down but it hasn't stopped. I now have more severe itching around my feet and ankles and a little on my legs. The sores however are not red, most are little bumps that are the same color as my skin. A few are gray, dry and flakey where I often can peal off a top layer of ashy skin from the sore. Those are not getting bigger but they do continue to itch from time to time. The itching on my legs, feet and ankles are not ongoing but occurs about 25 to 50% of the day.
  H. N., India - Lichen Planus
There is improvement. New lesions have stopped to appear. The disease has certainly slowed down.
Improvement is 70% but the skin marks are yet to disappear.
  S. S., India - Lichen Planus
Lichen planus is 100% gone and black marks are left on legs. I know they will fade away too.
  A. K., India - Hepatitis C
I came to know Life Force through internet and I had to give a try on homeopathy since no other options were available. Observing the published testimonials then I had some belief, but unless I try and workout personally I wont get 100% belief.

That 100% belief really worked for me when it created wonder within the period of 8 months since I started consuming the pills. No side effects as well.

Great relief as my viral load has gone below detectable level and is under control now.

My special thanks to Dr. Shah and his dedication to his profession.

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  P. K. D. Mother of A, India - Frequent Colds
My daughter had frequent cough and cold with attacks of breathlessness when she was 1 1/2 year old. We had to give her inhalers every 1 to 1 and half month along with allopathic medicines.

I was very worried the, a friend of mine recommended Life Force medicines. We started treatment with Dr. Shah when she was 2 years. The frequency of attacks gradually decreased. Now she is 5 years old and completely healthy. Her overall immunity has also increased. Now she does not catch cold offen and has no breathlessness.

I am very grateful to Dr. Shah & the entire team of Life Force!!!

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  A. A., India - Ankylosing Spondylitis
Now I can Walk and Run without any problem. But there is a slight pain when i sit on my left gluteal region for about ten mins. The pain is reduced to almost 95%.
  J. B., India - Vitiligo
No new vitiligo spots visible. Old vitiligo spots on forehead near scalp not completely gone but barely visible unless you know where to look closely. I continue to respond well to the medicines.

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