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  G. C., Hong Kong - Urticaria
I have started to respond well to the treatment, I would say that at the moment the urticaria 70% better. I still have good days and bad days, I would very much like to continue with the treatment as it is giving the best overall results. The disease has slowed down a great deal. I have not been on any medication other that the one prescribed by Dr shah for the past 7 months. I used to take sum oral steroids and anti histamines the effects after has been much better.

On the whole my urticaria has reduced and got better a great deal compared to what it was before I saw DR Shah it continues to improve as the months go bye.
  P. R., India - Urticaria
I was having urticaria since November 2008. It was very bad in the 1st half of 2009 and I was taking antihistamine every alternateday regularly. During August 2009, just as a coincidence I came across Dr. Shah''s web page and decided to give try.

I was totally devestated by the urticaria attacks and I started to become irrational ind irritated. Then finally I started Dr. Shah''s medicine from 1st week of September, 2009. Inital couple of weeks I was still dependent on histamines but was trying to reduce it. Finally I stared to see huge improvements from 1st week of October. I have not used histamines since october 1st week.

Now I rarely get the attacks and it usually vanishes very fast and I do not feel like itching and it does not effect me. I can not express my gratitue towards you Dr. Shah for giving me back my life.
  S. W., India -
My cycles got regular within 8 months of the treatment. I had never felt this better. I am getting periods every month. I had never felt this relieved!!
  C. J., India -
I saw lot of improvement in my voice after taking the medicines prescribed by Dr Shah. The only thing is that it is on and off. Percentage wise it is 50-60% better.
  S. S., USA - Vitiligo
There is definete recovery. The spot near my mouth is practically invisible now. The one near my ear is showing slower progress, but is definitely showing improvement.

The spots have stopped spreading, but seems to be showing slower progress in recovery since they initially did.

I see repigmentation in the existing spots, not fully repigmented, but definitely not as noticeable as it used to be.

The spot near my ear has also been filling from the inside and separated into two patches and recovering that way.

Yes the spots have turned dull, except for the one by my ear is a little bit noticeable still.
  S. E., UK - Urticaria
I feel 95% improvement since the treatment started. I seem to be getting better and better. No flare ups since last medicine and skin temperature is normal most of time.

Even been on holiday to Egypt with 40 degree plus temperatures and had no flare ups. I am able to exercise in a temperature controlled gym to full effort now. Coping with centrally heated environment is a lot better.

Main cause of irritation now is when i start to feel a bit stressed, but i get stressed a lot less often.
  M. S., USA - Prostatitis
Responded very well, with no symptoms with continued use of your medicine. No conventional medicine used since using your medicine for quite a while now.

  Hemant Lahane, Husband of Patient- Rajsri Lahane, India -
It is indeed a satisfying one. When we visited first time the clinic, we were desperate, but after meeting Shri Dr.R. Shah & his Team the moral clinical support provided by them work wonder with her. Not only the element on the path of curing but mentally also we accepted the facts & tried to think positive about it.

The support received from Help-Desk from time to time was spontaneous & whole hearty, medicine req on time. And we can say that we are thankful to Shri Dr.R. Shah & his Team at Life Force.
  Pankaj Soneta - Psoriasis
My name is Pankaj Soneta. I live in Panvel. 5 years ago i got Psoriasis. I came to Dr.Shah for the treatment. After taking medicines for approximately 4 years I am 90% cured. I am very happy & relieved. Thank you
  Varsha Joshi, India - Lichen Planus
The experience at Life Force was extremely good and satisfying till date. I have been suffering from Lichen Planus from April 2006 and was on allopathic medicines in the beginning but the disease kept reoccurring. Got frustrated and started searching the internet for alternative medicines where I read about Life Force. I visited the clinic and the doctor gave me the confidence that I will be completely treated with absolute no chance of reoccurrence on day one itself. I started the treatment and saw positive results within first six weeks itself. The disease has not resurfaced and doctor has assured me that it is completely gone!!! Just the marks remain which hopefully will disappear soon :) :) :). Keep up the good work Dr.Shah & Team!!!

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