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  K. S., India - Lichen Planus
70% improvement. The spots are not increasing now. They are not growing. Old spots getting fade. Very much improvement... spots remaining only on my legs ... not a single part on my upper body.
  Aditya, India - Ulcerative Colitis
Lot of improvement. Frequency of stools is 2-3 times. No pain in abdomen. There is good improvement with the colitis.
  G. P., Netherlands - Alopecia Areata
I had 5 patches. Now there are 2 on my beard and one on my eyebrow. One of them has new hair growth. I have 70% improvement.
  K. M., Thailand -
90% improvement. I'm doing very well. Thank you Dr. Shah. Normal periods every month. The tumor feels bigger, just before and during my period. Then after my period I feel normal again.
  A. D., USA - Nephrotic Syndrome
I have made great improvement with your medication along with my medication from my doctor.
I was losing 9 grams of protein before treatment. Then I was losing 4.5 grams and now I losing 2.6 grams. I'm doing better than before.
  Sapna Rao, Navi Mumbai - Eczema
I started my treatment with Dr. Shah for sciatica & Eczema problem a year back.

Ever Since I started taking the medicines till date, I have not had any pain and the skin problem has also gone.

Earlier I had lot of pain (flowing pain) starting from lower back up to the foot, but after taking the pills, the pain has completely varnished. I feel it is a miracle.

Same with eczema, earlier I had lot of itching but now it is completely gone.

I am very very happy with the treatment and Thanks Dr. Rajesh Shah from the bottom of my heart for the great help & Would wish him all the best &

keep up the good job!

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  Ahmed Shameem, Maldives - Psoriasis
I am extremely happy with the treatment of Life Force.
I had very bad psoriasis, all over my body, very bad. Did many medicines but it come again?

My friend recommended Dr. Shah to me. I come here from Maldives.
Met Dr. Shah. He gave me medicines; within 2 months my psoriasis is 50% better.
It’s gone on stomach and back.Now comes on legs and arms.

But I am sure it will go away with Dr. Shah's medicines.
I feel a lot better.

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  Jeremiah Odhiambo Owiti, Kenya -
I have progressed so well since i started taking the medicines. My hitherto inflammed feet became normal after about 7 to 10 days of taking medicines. The pain disappeared and I have never experienced any gout attack since then.

My gout has reduced a lot but I have never taken alcohol, soda, canned juices, red meat or any acidic fruits.

I want to thank you most sincerely for the opportunity you have accorded me to have my picture and success story used as a tool to give better health to many more people. Thanking you so much for making me a part of this very good humane mission.
  Vijayalakshmi O.G, India - Underactive Thyroid
I have hypothyroidism.

When I came for treatment my TSH level was 467 and now after 7 months of treatment the level of TSH is 67.

I have experienced tremendous relief symptomatically. Oedema of hands and feet has disappeared; Puffiness around the eyes also has disappeared.

Thanks to Life Force for retaining my belief in homeopathy!

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  Anil J Chaurasia, India - Psoriasis
I am lucky to come here for my treatment because since last few years I had big problem with my disease (Psoriasis).

Life Force gave me very good treatment and now 90% of my disease (Psoriasis) is improved.

All were very friendly and they gave me relief from my aliment.

I am very thankful to Dr. Rajesh Shah to open this Life Force!

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