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  S. B., Ireland - Lichen Planus
I am very pleased to be down to 1mg of steroids and look forward to coming off the steroids completely in next 2 weeks. I am hopeful that the treatment can continue to keep the flare ups at bay and I also hope that the next stage will produce more good results.

Thank you to Dr Shah and all at Lifeforce.
  D. B., India - Psoriasis
The results are very good, my palm is almost clean and no new spots have developed. There is not much improvement in the feet. Overall the results are very satisfactory. There is no increase or decrease.

It has almost stabilised getting better on palm from which the decrease initially started. Almost no spot in the palm for last one month which is a good sign.
  S. B., USA - Migraine
I am responding positively. I get the headache once a month since these past 4 months. It has reduced to one and half days from 2 days of severe headache.

When we started this medication two and half years back, I used to get headaches for 4 days continuously. From Jun-July 2010 It has reduced to 2 days and Thanks to you it is only one and half days now. Intensity has reduced from severe headache to less severe headache. Nausea, which used to accompany my severe headaches earlier, is also reduced a lot. Duration or time period of headache has decreased to one and half days

Thank you very much for bringing this improvement in my health. I request you to please help me in getting rid of my headaches completely so that I can perform my family responsibilities more efficiently and also improve my lifestyle.
  D. O., USA - Lichen Planus
Pretty well the lesions are 80% gone but I still am experiencing very sore gums.

The lichen planus has stopped spreading. Old spots are almost gone. Keep up the good work and get me cured!!!!
  K. P., USA - Vitiligo
My treatment is responding very well. My spots are slowly filling in. The ones I got last are going away first. So the medicine is working it's way backwards. 70% of my over all spots have filled in and are slowly changing colors.
  T. S., USA - Nephrotic Syndrome
My daughter has shown tremendous results, she is off steroids for the longest time now and is not triggered by common cold and cough.

I can see a great progress in her immune system as well. She used to get frequent attacks and would trigger even with common cold and cough. She would get 4-5 relapses in a year. I see a lot of improvement in her health, now.

  Michael Camarillo, USA - Ulcerative Colitis
Michael Camarillo, USA

I want to thank you because since January 15,2011 I stoped taking Asacol 400 mg and all the other allopathic medicines I took in the past. The stools are normal and fine.

Since January 15th 2011 I don't take any of these I am sure you can imagine how much relief I feel because the doctors were waiting for my colon and intestines to get perforated, to replace my colon with an artificial plastic pipe. They also were waiting for cancer to develop. I no longer have anxiety, itching and hives in my hands arms, head, fingers, neck , feet, legs, swollen face sometimes , tired, I couldn’t sleep, the full toilet used to get filled with light and dark blood 3 to 4 times. All of these happened for approximately 8 years. Now that I feel better I forgot other discomforts that I used to have. Thank you very much for helping us, my wife, son and myself.

After 6 months I repeated a colonoscopy, I wanted to update you about the same, Dr Shah I had no ulcers and no polyps (on January 14th, 2011 I stopped taking Asacol 400mg) and thanks to Dr. Shah's real medicine my next colonoscopy will be in 3 years since my colitis improved tremendously. I started your treatment in March 2010. And I want to thank you for this great improvement in my ulcerative colitis and God for putting us in hands of a very valuable scientific physician like you. God bless you and take care of you and allow us and all the people around the world (we were told we had no cure) to receive very valuable help from you. Thank you!!

Updated on 15 th September 2011 by Dr ZA

  E. E., USA - Vitiligo
The spot around my eyes are getting better and the spots on my hands, fingers are getting better slowly. The spots have not got bigger.
  M.A, Dubai - Urticaria
Dear Dr. Shah.
I have responded to the treatment for Urticaria. I can say that we have achieved a 100% improvement since the treatment started.

I can hardly see any outburst of urticaria.

The urticaria disease has definitely stopped now.

Before applying for the Homeopathic therapy treatment I was taking constantly anti histamines (Cortisone) for about 4month and there was no improvement what so ever. It used to worsen the urticaria. But thanks to your treatment I am now free from the anti histamines and urticaria disease.

I would like to mention that after the first 4 weeks of taking your treatment I have noticed a big change. I have also stopped eating food containing of onion, corn, species, and coffee and I suppose that helped improve my condition as well.

What is important for me is to let you know and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me cure this horrible disease which have taken a part of my life earlier and I was not able to eat and sleep or have a normal life. I can easily say that I have my normal life back again.
Best Regards,
  A. M., India - Psoriasis
There has been really fast improvement in the psoriasis. I am very happy.
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