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  A. D., Mexico - Vitiligo
Very good improvement. Vitiligo spots have reduced even where we think they will never reduce like the knees and inner legs.
  R. A., India - Psoriasis
In the first interval of 2 months medication I did not notice any difference at all, but during the last two months the improvement is drastic. I can feel the healing and I would say that there is a cure to the extent of 30% from what I started with. I am really excited about it.

The rate of scaling has definetely gone down. The itching and redness I would say that has gone down by atleast 20% and I am really happy about it. Yes I do notice considerable healing in the existing spots by 15%.
  M. P., India - Ankylosing Spondylitis
There has been a drastic improvement. The pain used to occur in episodes for the last 5 years. Since i have been taking this medicine there seems to be pain occasionally.

I would say there has been a 70% improvement. Have not taken any pain killers for the last 2 months. It has been an encouranging improvement.
  Father of S. J., India - Nephrotic Syndrome
My son is responding on treatment and last 6-7 months he did not get relapse. He was getting relapse in every 1-2 months even after starting homeopathy treatment. But we kept on continuing homeopathy treatment as suggested by Dr Shah and now we are seeing it is working.

My son is on high dosage of steroids and cyclosporine but last month the dosage of steroids and cyclosporine is getting reduced.

  A. K., India - Prostatitis
I have amazing improvement within 4 months. It feels good.
  Father of T. J., India - Asthma
Excellent response, am very happy. NO ASTHMA ATTACK FROM PAST 6 MONTHS. THERE IS ABSOLUTE IMPROVEMENT. He is not on any inhalers.
  A. N., USA - Nephrotic Syndrome
100% complete remission. We had a total of two episodes and none after we started your treatment.
The doctor plans to start taking him off of cyclosporin. No relapses. Praise and Glory to God! God bless you all!
  B. A., USA - Hepatitis C
I think I have achieved significant improvement since the treatment started. I feel pretty well most of the time. I would say I feel normal and energetic. I biked 50 miles the other day and didn't feel that tired on the next day, which I though t was pretty remarkable. I feel great.

FEBRUARY 2011 my viral load was about 719225 in 2009 before the treatment. Last time I got tested was in February and my viral load was HEP C RNA, BDNA/TMA, QUANTITATIVE 54960.
  N. D., France - Lichen Planus
My treatment is very good for me. Since the treatment started the improvement is about 70%. Since the last medicine the improvement (+ 50%) is better than the first medicine. The lichen planus has stopped spreading.

The itching is going down. There is no new lichen planus coming. The oral lichen planus lesions is disappearing. No more pain, burning or soreness. No sensitivity to hot and spicy food.
  R. C., USA -
I feel better I have seen improvement, the pain in my hands is less intense when it hurts. I have more strength in my hands and fingers, it is less difficult to open bottles. When I cook at the end I feel light discomfort and pain in my hands but it goes away fast.

I feel pain is less intense than before and it goes away fast. Overal I thing I feel 20% better and 80% to go.
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