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  M. Abraham, India - Psoriasis
I M. Abraham,Pin no. 14715, have been suffering from Psoriasis since last 6 years. It mainly involves the hand, around 60% of back of palm, feet, legs, around 40% on Stomach area, 50% on Back, about 20% and on buttocks about 95%. I would have severe itching, scaling and oozing watery discharge. I would have severe burning sensation after the itching spells. In last 6 years I was tired of the recurrence and relapse. I had given up all hopes of ever being free from Psoriasis.

With treatment from Dr Shah's clinic in last 1 year, I have seen remarkable improvement. There is 80% improvement in the patches on my palms, stomach area has cleared up 100%. The doscolouration is gone and skin appears normal with no itching. The feet and the legs show about 25% improvemnt. The itching, the burning and oozing has considerably reduced (50%). However discolouration persists. The buttock patches still persist, but the itching in that area is less.

I am continuing with the treatment and am hopeful of recovering completely from my psoriasis as this is the first time in last 6 years that I have been able to experience definite change in my chronic Psoriasis.

Uploaded on 21st October 2011 by Dr ZA

  J. C. Panchal, India -
I was suffering from jaundice & Rheumatoid Arthritis both at a time in year of 2000.
Both the diesis was cured by Life Force Very effectively.

Now I don’t have any problem. This is my experience of Life Force. The other services are very excellent.

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  T. Mohan, India - Alopecia Areata
My daughter, TM, from Delhi had alopecia areata, on her left eyebrow; she steadily lost her left eyebrow hair for around one month and was diagnosed as having Alopecia Areata patch on the left eyebrow.

Since I am already Dr Rajesh Shah's patient, I took her to Dr Shah for Homeopathic treatment. After a detailed case study I was prescribed medicines for the same.

Within two months of starting the treatment, we have noticed 40 % improvement in my daughter’s condition.
The eyebrow is growing back and she is regaining her hair on the eyebrows.
  P. Patel, India - Alopecia Areata
It has been a wonderful experience at Life Force.

I had come here for solving a problem of bald patch on my head.

Within one consultation and going through one courier of the medicine prescribe the bald patch had totally disappeared and there was no occurrence of any other bald patch even after a year had passed.

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  Liri Alibali, Albania - Lichen Planus
I'm Pranvera, the daughter of Liri Alibali, with patient identification number 18382.
My mother was diagnosed with Lichen Planus in February 2010. She used cortisone and some superficial medicines, but no improvement happened. I wanted to know more about Lichen Planus, because we all, as a family, were suffering with her. While I was looking on internet, praise God, I found you.

In the beginning was difficult to understand how you work by internet, but we need to contact you. After our first contact everything was easy and worked in a perfect way. My mother is taking your medicines since 24 November 2010. She is so good now and we all are very happy to see her in this good condition. Lichen Planus is much better now, but we think that your drugs taken of you have done very well throughout her organism. My mom feel stronger, more versatile, younger, makes a peaceful sleep and she is very happy to have you and your marvelous medicine.

For us, is a great pleasure to help you somehow and we give you the permission to use my mom's name in the literature you are preparing to promote homeopathy, showing that my mom has used it successfully, because that is very true.

Thank you very much dr. Shah.
You are a great doctor and you have a great staff.
God bless you all!

Best regards,
Pranvera Kosta
  P. SHIVPRIYA, India -
I was suffering from piles. I took medicines from Dr. Rajesh Shah for four months. Surprisingly, I am absolutely fine now. I am really thankful to Life Force for this miracle.
  G. M., India - Frequent Colds
I saw the Life Force display-add in local train then I consult the doctor and start treatment.
Within 6 month I got result, my disease get cure.
Before start of this Homeopathy system of medicine,
I heard this system take lot of time.

But, when I got result in 6 month I wonder. I am very happy with Life Force treatment.
System, their behavior is kind towards the patient.

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  J. G. MENDONCA, India - Psoriasis
My health (over all) has improved tremendously.
My Psoriasis is finally under control. After being treated unsuccessfully for four years by various forms of medicine,
Life Force homeopathy has managed successfully and cured in a few months.

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  A. S. GHANDA, India - Nephrotic Syndrome
Hi, this is kalpana Sunil Ghandat, Asmi's mother. My daughter Asmi was suffering from Nephritic Syndrome from about 1.6 yrs.(nov.2005).
I started Allopathic medicines but looking at her situations about swelling we were very afraid what will happen to my child.

We searched internet about Nephritic Syndrome and found Dr. Shah’s site.
We approached Dr. Shah through appointment he assured that the frequency of relapse will be lowered if you continue homoeopathy & allopathic medicines simultaneously and same thing happened, the frequency is reduced,
we have stopped allopath she is only on homeopathy.

Thank you very much Life Force (Dr. shah, Dr.Alpana, & Dr. Anand)

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  A. ATREYA, India - Psoriasis
I am very satisfied with the treatment given to my daughter in life force.
She had mild Psoriasis on the palm and sole.
We came to know about life force from the website.

In one year she has been cured of it.

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