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  Ms. N. A. S, India - Lichen Planus
I, Ms. N. A. S, from India, Pin number: 3553 was suffering from Oral LP since last 6 years. I had multiple patches spreading inside the cheeks appearing as white streak lines and caused severe burning sensation. The burning would increase by slightest touch or after taking spicy food.

Within 4 months of treatment, the spread of Oral LP stopped. The pain improved by 45-55 % and it would pain only occasionally.

While on treatment, I had relapse of Oral LP around 2-3 times but it cleared with Dr Shah’s medicines.

With continuous treatment there was, the response has been very good. There is 70 % improvement in my Oral LP, the pain and the burning has reduced a lot. The Oral LP has stopped spreading.

I am very thankful to Dr Shah for relieving me from this painful condition.

Uploaded on 10 th November 2011 by Dr Z.A

  G. S. L., India -
Thank you Dr Shah for helping me have a clear skin. With your medicines my acne problem is solved completely. I was tired having continuous pimples on my face. Now thanks to Dr Shah I am free from pimples and have a clear complexion. (Pin no. 14437)

Uploaded on 2nd November 2011 by Dr Z.A.

  A. S, India - Ankylosing Spondylitis
I A. S, from India, PIN number: 16106, was suffering from persistent back pain with difficulty in bending and reduced joint movements mainly there was severe stiffness in the lower back. On doing blood reports I was found to be HLA B27 positive and my ESR was high. Based on this I was diagnosed as having Ankylosing Spondylitis. Within 5 months of online treatment with Dr Shah’s Life Force Center, my pain has reduced a lot. The frequency and the intensity of the back pain has reduced and now because of Dr Shah's effective treatment I am able to bend down and there is improvement in my joint movements as well.

Uploaded on 3rd November 2011 by Dr Z.A

  S. V., UK - Nephrotic Syndrome
My 7 years old daughter Pin no. 18583, was suffering from Nephrotic syndrome since she was 3yrs old. She used to have swelling all over body and recurrent cold coryza even while on steroids. Steroids used to have negative effect on her body.

I am really glad to see my daughter hasn't had any relapse of Nephrotic syndrome ever since we started giving her Dr Shah’s medicines from 8 months. She used to have a relapse once a year since beginning of this disease, but this year she hasn't had any relapse. I am thankful to Dr Shah as she is doing very well without any steroids or Immuno suppressants. The improvement is vast.

Uploaded on 31st October 2011 by Dr. Pankaj

  Nidhi M., USA - Alopecia Areata
My daughter Nidhi Pin no. 17655, had developed Alopecia Areata since last 3-4 months; however I am not sure as it might have been even before that. One fine day we were surprised to notice 6 hairless patches on her scalp. We were getting worried as these patches seem to be increasing in size. She also had severe generalized hair fall, losing hair in bunches.

Within 3 months of starting the treatment the patches that she had before are not visible and there is new hair growth. No new patches have been noticed so far. She had 6 Alopecia patches on her scalp and re-growth of hair is seen there. The hair fall is considerably less now.

While on treatment she developed eczema on the thigh area. On contacting Dr Shah's team of Drs, we were told that it is a chronic skin condition and is not caused due to the medicines and can be treated.

With the next set of medicines, within 1 year, my daughter is responding very well to the treatment. I would say there is 70% improvement. There is very good hair growth on the patches. Hair fall has reduced. The eczema has cleared up and infact we did not see any signs of seasonal allergies.

Its been another 6 months of treatment with Dr Shah and I am very happy to report that my daughter has no Alopecia patches so far and the generalised hair fall has stopped and thankfully she is free from the seasonal allergies.

Uploaded by Dr ZA on 20 th October

  S. Nair, India - Eczema
My son, Mst S.N. Pin no. 16155, was suffering from wheeze caused due to dust, climate change,some food items etc. He would start with running nose, colds and end up having a wheeze. The wheeze was so severe that it sounded like beating of drums. He had this since he was 5 months old and now he is almost 4 years. He was very uncomfortable with the complaints and would feel comfortable only after taking bronchodilators and with a course of antibiotics.

Within 4 months of starting treatment with Dr Shah, there is significant improvement, there is 60%-75% improvement. His attacks are very mild now as compared to previous attacks.
There was no need to give him antibiotic this time. He is comfortable even in dust or the change of weather is not affecting him.

I am very happy with this response and and thankful to Dr Shah for curing my child from this wheezing problem.

Uploaded on 20 th October by Dr ZA

  A. U. MADANE THANE - Atopic Dermatitis
Experience is excellent. My kid is completely cured, with the medicines given by doctor. very friendly staff.
  - Atopic Dermatitis
  A. J., India. - Asthma
My daughter aged 3.3 years (Pin no. L-15981) was suffering from Childhood Asthma, in the very first attack she had severe breathlessness, cough with phlegm formation. The attack subsided with bronchodilators. We were happy as we thought that she got rid of the problem but to our surprise, she again had an attack of the Asthma, this time it was more severe with continuous coughing and breathlessness. We noticed that the weather change was affecting her and was the cause for her Asthma problem. She was put on steroid based inhalers.

We approached Dr Shah's Life Force center for this complaint.

Within 2 months of starting the treatment, there was definite improvement in her condition. The frequency of the asthma and the cough has reduced and gradually her need for the inhalers has reduced.

Within 7 months of starting the treatment, there is 80 % improvement in her condition. The frequency of the asthmatic attack has reduced.

Uploaded on 15th December 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  B. EK. Nair,India - Ulcerative Colitis
I, B. EK. Nair Pin Number 16285, have been suffering from ulcerative colitis since last ten years. It started with severe gas accumulating in the stomach and constant urge to pass stools and gas along with it. But mostly I would pass out lot of gas with small quantity of stool. The stools were semi solid, with mucus and very offensive, around 5-6 times per day. The gas formation was so severe that even while passing urine the gas would come out forcefully with out my control. This would make me feel very embarrased due to the continuous gas formation. I had consulted with gastroenterologist and undergone colonoscopy and was diagnosed as having Ulcerative Colitis. The Doctor advised me to take medicines like Mesacol 400mg, entoform enema, which I continued for 1 year with some relief. However I was told to continue mesacol for life long which i didn't want to.

With this disturbed frame of mind I approached Dr Shah's clinic for these complaints.

With in 2 months of starting the treatment, I have responded positively to the treatment, I feel 50% better now. The frequency of stool has reduced to 2-3 times per day and the gas formation has also reduced. I had stools which were well formed, with no blood or mucus.

Within 4 months of treatment, I have responded very well and achieved 80% improvement in my condition. The frequency of stool is still 2-3 times, but it is well formed and no blood, no mucus in stools, no pain at all.
The gas formation has reduced drastically.

I am very happy and thank ful to Dr Shah as mentally also I feel very relaxed and my embarrassment has reduced. I am hopeful that my need for Mesacol will also reduce with continuous treatment.

Uploaded on 16 th October 2011 by Dr ZA

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