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  B. M., India - Psoriasis
I(Patient Identification Number: 13485) was suffering from Psoriasis since last 4 years. I would have severe itching with scaling of the skin on my hands, legs, knees, ankle and scalp. I would have cracks on the palms and soles which would bleed on slightest touch. I was struggling with this problem and its treatment for last two years. Nothing seemed to be beneficial and the whole process of the treatment was very painful and frustrating.

I have been on Dr Shah’s treatment since almost 1.5 years. There is significant change in my condition. The itching and scaling has reduced a lot. The process of treatment was very comfortable as taking oral pills was not painful as compared to those local creams, ointments and strong medicines. There have been relapses while on treatment but they were mild and didn’t cause severe discomfort as in the past. The relapse does cause some worry but my faith in Dr Shah's treatment has made me hopeful of recovering completely from this dreadful disease.

God bless Dr Shah and his team!

Uploaded on 13th January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  S. U. U, India - Frequent Colds
I (Pin no. L-15736) was suffering from frequent colds and sinusitis. I have responded pretty well to the treatment. I did not have frequent sinusitis and even the symptoms like sneezing, stuffy nose, itching in the ears and the inner nasal area just above the pallet and post nasal drips were much less compared to before within 2 months of starting the treatment. I would say that definitely there is a lot of improvement. The medicines helped in boosting my immunity and my dependence on ant-histamines and antibiotics has also reduced a lot. Thank you for saving my tonsillitis in first place, and now helping me with my allergic Sinus problems.

Uploaded on 12 th January 2012 by Dr.Z.A.

  G. K., India - Nephrotic Syndrome
I was diagnosed for Nephrotic Syndrome in the year 2006. My Doctor advised me to take steroids and some time he explained me possible side effect of the Steroid medicines.

During the course I came to know about Life Force Center through my one of the friend. When I visited
Life Force, My 24 hrs Urine protein was 1500 mg.

I started treatment from Life Force under the observation of Dr. Shah. I am very happy to tell that at present my 24 hrs Urine proteins are 96 mg.
Thanks to Life Force & Dr. Shah and his team.

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  S. D., India - Frequent Colds
I come to know about Dr. Shah from internet when I was browsing searching for medicine for my mother's Psoriasis.

My mother illness is excellently treated and her psoriasis reduced a lot. There after I took medicine from Dr. Shah for my consistent cough and cold allergic cold and it worked wonders.

I did not fall ill till almost two years after taking his medicines not only my regular cold, fever has vanished but in general I felt healthy and energetic.
My daily life problem reduced. Excellent Treatment.

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  A. H., India - Alopecia Areata
I was suffering from Alopecia Areata. One of my friend (who is in USA) asked me to surf the website regarding the same problem.After going through the website content, I get confidence that I can get rid of Alopecia Areata.

Online I've filled and submitted a questionnaire, and ordered medicines online. After completing the course, I am amazed to see that my problem got resolved and natural hairs are back.

I cannot define in words but my sincere thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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  R. D. D., India - Psoriasis
Initially very warm welcome at reception counter by Ms. Lata. Very good treatment for new patient referenced by Mr. Damodare (me).At first visit in Feb 2010, your staff of Doctors treated us very nicely and timely.

When we met Dr. Shah, we came to know that this is the right place for 100% cure. Dr. Shah had given us the confidence. Dr. Shah is very expert Doctor, because after 1st visit we came here after 10 month.
Means we have absolutely no problem. Dr. Shah is very knowledgeable, practical and expert in his field.
  S. T. T., India - Vitiligo
My son Mst S.T.T, 4.2 years old (Patient Identification Number: 15444) started developing Vitiligo since last 6 months. The Vitiligo mainly involved the finger tips, the toes and the anal region. He was put on steroids creams for the same but despite the medications there was no control over the spots and there was spread of the Vitiligo.
We started with the online treatment with Dr Shah's Life Force Homeopathy.

Within 10 months of treatment there is 80 % improvement in his Vitiligo spots, the spread of the spots has stopped. We have been able to taper off and gradually stop the steroid creams. There is repigmentation around the borders. The Vitiligo spots are appearing smaller. We are satisfied with the treatment and are continuing with it as we are very hopeful that with Dr Shah's medicines the Vitiligo spots will further reduce.

Uploaded on 2nd January 2012 by Dr. Z.A.

  S.A, India - Nephrotic Syndrome
I, S.A, PIN: 13335, was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). I was put on steroids for it but every time I would get cough, cold or if the steroids were reduced, I would have a relapse of my NS and would develop swelling all over and have protein loss in the urine.

It’s been around one and half years and I have responded well to the medicines. I did not have any relapse since the time I started with Dr Shah’s medicines. I have a considerable improvement in my NS and my dependence on Allopathic medicines has also reduced with these medicines.

There is lot of improvement in my condition and I am thankful to Dr Shah as this prolonged medical problem was having an effect on my temperament and making me very irritable.

With no relapse in the last so many months and less dependence on my Allopathic medicines I feel hopeful about my life and I am regaining my cheerfulness, Thank you Dr Shah.

uploaded on 29 th December 2011 by Dr. Z.A.

  M. E. R., USA - Vitiligo
Dr Shah with your medicines, my sons Vitiligo is almost 70 % better.

My son (Pin no. 14907) aged 14 years, had Vitiligo spots around his face, neck and forehead since last many years. We had tried all treatment with out any positive outcome. But with your medicines, we have seen significant improvement in the existing white spots. There are no new spots for last 10 months.

There is 70 % regimentation in his Vitiligo spots. We are continuing your homeopathic medication as we are very confident that there will be further improvement in his Vitiligo spots.
Thank you Dr. Shah.

Uploaded on 23 rd December 2011 by Dr.Z.A.

  A.A.A, Kuwait - Alopecia Areata
I, A.A.A (Pin no. 19372) was suffering from Alopecia Areata(AA) since 6 months. I would have hairless patches on my scalp and beard area. These patches would keep fluctuating in number and in size. These hair less patches had lowered my confidence level also.

There is significant improvement in my AA in the first month of the treatment. It is very important to thank you as the treatment helped me regain my self-confidence.

Within 4 months of treatment I have responded very well. Thank you for your efforts Dr Shah. You are really a successful Doctor!

Uploaded on 13 th December 2011 by Dr. Z.A

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