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961. Associated with the skin complaints also had pain in both the knees with occasional swelling since last 2 years - Psoriatic Arthritis

Mr. R .J (Patient Ref. No. L-6973) aged 43 yrs, reported to the clinic on August 10, 2004 with psoriatic eruptions all over his body and he had been suffering with this for past 4 long years. His entire body was covered with erythematous rashes which used to itch tremendously. These psoriatic plaques present over his body were with intense scaling. Read More...

962. Cracked skin over her palms and soles. The cracks which were not apparent currently as they were masked with the recent use of local steroids. - Psoriatic Arthritis

A 60 year old lady, Mrs. R.S (Patient identification number: L-7591) reported to the clinic with her daughter with cracked skin over her palms and soles. The cracks which were not apparent currently as they were masked with the recent use of local steroids. She had stopped using steroids though for the past 10 days and was only applying a moisturizing cream. Read More...

963. Dr S. T. could not thank Dr Shah enough for his miraculous treatment for lichen planus... - Lichen Planus

Mrs A.T. (Reference - L-6212) was brought to Life Force by her husband who was a practicing allopath for the treatment of her lichen planus. She was 50 yrs old fair, obese lady, suffering from lichen planus since 1 year. Read More...

964. I regained a normal skin, my marks were gone... - Lichen Planus

A 26 years lady, Miss V. J. (PIN no L-11271) came to Life Force Homeopathy for treatment of lichen planus. She had lichen planus for two to three years, it was extensively spread on the legs, forearms, chest and back. There was marked itching. The eruptions in armpit had a burning sensation. Read More...

965. 25 year old thrombocytopenia purpura responds to homeopathy within 4 months... -

A 74 yrs old lady (K.C, pin number:11924) visited Dr Shah alongwith her sister. She was a known case of Idiopathic Non-thrombocytopenia purpura since 25 years. Read More...

966. I opted for Dr SHAH's online treatment and my psoriasis was cured within an year of the treatment. - Psoriasis

Mrs B.P.(Pin numb-10405) a 26 yrs old female visited our website for psoriasis. She found the site amazingly informative and she opted for the online treatment from USA. Read More...

967. My urticaria got dramatic results within 4 months of the treatment... - Urticaria

A young man (PIN 12369) visited Dr Shah with the complaints of urticaria. He would have the hives everyday since 18 months. The attacks would come in swollen red itchy patches on the back and legs which would get worse in the summers and due to perspiration. The attacks would get relieved with cold application such as cold showers. He had taken a lot of antihistamines like allegra for it with not much relief of the hives. Read More...

968. Patches of vitiligo on collar bone & left little finger vanished - Vitiligo

Mr Singh opted for the online treatment from the US for their daughter's vitiligo(PIN:14874). Mr Singh sent us the relevant case details as asked in our questionnaire for Vitiligo. Her photos were emailed to us. The details were as below- Read More...

969. My complaints of peripheral neuropathy of 3 years were treated within 2 months with homeopathy... -

This is the case of Mrs. R. M ( Pin no-12479) 44 yr old lady came to us with complaints of peripheral neuropathy.

She was suffering for 3 years from numbness, tingling and burning sensation on both her soles. There was a pulling type of pain with tingling sensation in her legs. Read More...

970. My backache reduced substantially and i could sit for long hours at the office after starting with homeopathy - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr.V.K. (pin 11453) came to the clinic with complaints of severe backache. The backache had started since 6 months after he met with an accident. There was lot of pain and discomfort in the lower back. His movements of turning to the right and left were restricted. Read More...

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