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901. I have not got the cold again... - Frequent Colds

A young gentleman Mr P P [PIN 13163] reported to the center for complaints of Allergic Rhinitis.

He was suffering from frequent colds since the last seven years. He would get colds every 2-3 days and they would last for a day or two. Read More...

902. 28 years old software engineer, Mr.S.R., case of Ankylosing Spondilitis, improved and could stop painkillers - Ankylosing Spondylitis

28 years old software engineer, Mr.S. R. (PIN 11923) came to Life Force to consult Dr Rajesh Shah on 20th March, 2009, with the complaint of pain in both hip joints. He was having this complaint since over one year. He was asked to undergo blood investigations and X-ray. His HLA-B27 test came positive. He was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Read More...

903. My son had good improvement within 4 to 8 months of homeopathy treatment.. - Vitiligo

Master SRC aged 14; (PIN 14222) was initiated with online treatment on 28 Jan 2008. Read More...

904. Chronic dermatographic urticaria cured in 8 months with homeopathy... - Urticaria

Ms. S. S., 26 years old female was brought to the clinic by her parents for treatment of her urticaria (Patient Identification Number 7639). Read More...

905. Eczema cured in a short period without local application - Eczema

Mr. A.M.J, 44 years old male (Patient Reference Number 13470) registered for the treatment at Life Force under Dr Rajesh Shah, on 18th March, 2010, with the compliant of atopic dermatitis or eczema since past 3-4 years. Read More...

906. Antihistamine dependent urticaria patient stopped his antihistamine after homeopathic treatment - Urticaria

This case is of Mr. M. Jain, (PIN 13469) a 51 years male. He came to our clinic with complaints of urticaria. He was suffering from urticaria since the last 18 months. Read More...

907. I witnessed 70% reduction in the pigmentation on face and neck... - Lichen Planus

Mrs S. C. (Patient Referance Number 12350) opted for the online treatment. She was suffering from lichen planus pigmentosum since ten years. Her face was affected severely with excessive skin darkening, it was grayish colour. There were mosquitoe bite-like spots on the back and legs. There was tremendous itching and redness of the face spreading to the neck. She reported in times of stress; if there would be exposure to sun, it would make her face turn grey. Read More...

908. 70% pain relief within 8 weeks and i could easily stop my painkillers... - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr R S a young gentleman aged 23 yrs (Patient Referance Number 13400) started with the online treatment. He was a known case of Ankylosing spondylitis with HLA B-27 positive. His x-ray findings were normal. Read More...

909. Prurigo nodularis treated with homeopathy... -

This is a case study of Mr AKH (pin number: 12739) 37 years old male patient who reported to the clinic with complaints of nodular eruptions all over the body, more intense on forehead and scalp. He suffered from severe itching+++ with watery discharge from eruptions on scalp and forehead. There was bleeding after scratching. Itching was so intense that the patient would not wait for a second, he was continuously scratching on his scalp while taking the case. Most of the lesions on the body were dry and masked with the use of immunosuppressant. Read More...

910. Mr. M. S. [PIN -10914] aged 45 years presented with complaints of swelling of both legs, presence of proteins in urine, decreased urine output and high blood pressure. - Nephrotic Syndrome

Mr. M. S. [PIN -10914] aged 45 years presented with complaints of swelling of both legs, presence of proteins in urine, decreased urine output and high blood pressure. Read More...

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