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91. My oral and skin Lichen Planus was cured by availing online medications of Dr. Shah. - Lichen Planus

Mr. I. S., a resident of Durban, South Africa visited Life Force center on 25th May 2011 to personally meet Dr. Shah and start the treatment for his skin complaints. He was 41 years old lean thin gentleman. He was suffering from oral and skin lichen planus since past 1 year. It had recovered completely by taking steroid and cyclosporine treatment for few months. But it had relapsed upon stopping those medications. He was now having lichen planus on his legs, hands, back, abdomen and mouth, since the past 5 months. Read More...

92. Significant recovery achieved in oral Lichen Planus with Dr. Shah’s medicines. - Lichen Planus

64 years old Mrs. H. B. P. visited Life Force on 2nd October 2012. She was an Indian staying in UK since 40 years. Her patient identification number is 21224. She was accompanied by her husband. They had come to meet few relatives in Gujarat and stay for a few months in India. She was suffering from Oral Lichen Planus since 2010. She had taken cortisone gargles and protopic application in the past for few months in the UK. Her complaints were relieved temporary with them. She had burning while eating spicy food. On examination there were white lacy streaks on both cheeks and tongue and redness on gums and upper palate. She had history of skin Lichen Planus on back which was treated with cortisone. At present there were no skin complaints. She had done biopsy of oral lesions which confirmed it to be Lichen Planus. She was advised to start with oral cortisone which she denied and instead opted for homeopathic treatment. Read More...

93. Recurrent boils found excellent cure with Dr. Shah’s medications. -

46 years old, Dr. R. S. visited Life Force clinic on 16th February 2008 (Patient Identification Number - 10393). He had been suffering from recurrent boils since 2 years. Now since 3 months the frequency had increased to 4 – 5 boils in 2 – 3 days as compared to 2 – 3 per month. They would subside in 5 – 7 days on intake of antibiotics. He would have small scattered painful boils below neck especially on the abdomen, groins, arms and thighs. They would become red and ooze pus. He would always require higher antibiotics for each episode. His vocation would require frequent travelling overseas. Once after returning from Nigeria and South Africa tour he had started with these boils. Since then it had become recurrent. His work was stressful. He had an abscess a year ago which lasted for 2 weeks. After healing the boils would leave dark pigmented scars. Read More...

94. My Chalazae was completely cured with Dr. Shah’s medicines. - Chalazion

Miss. V. R. S., 22 years old student (Patient Identification Number - 10219) visited Life Force on 16th March 2013. She had been treated successfully by Dr. Shah for other ailments few years back. Now she had visited to get treated for Chalazae. She had swelling in the upper eye lid without pain. She had been having recurrent styes since few months. The swelling in the upper eye lid would recover in few weeks. Read More...

95. My disease is cured by 95 % by Dr. Shah’s homeopathic medicines. - Lichen Planus

33 years old, Mr. H. J. D. visited Life Force on 29th September 2011. His patient identification number is 17127. He had been suffering from Lichen Planus since 6 months. It was scattered and spread on the genitals, back, abdomen, hands, palms, thighs, feet and oral cavity. It was gradually increasing and spreading. There was no itching in the spots as he had been applying steroid creams since past 2 months. He was also taking oral conventional tablets. Read More...

96. This case demonstrates how Homeopathy has become the mainstay of treatment of Lichen Planus for him - Lichen Planus

An executive director of an ad company found substantial recovery in Lichen Planus with Dr. Shah’s medicines. Read More...

97. My Vitiligo got cured in 6 weeks like magic. Now I am here to start treatment for my wife - Vitiligo

Mr. M. K. K. visited Life Force on 10th November 2006. He was 31 years old having cola drink agency. His patient identification number is 9068. He was having Vitiligo since 2 months. The areas affected were difficult ones like lips, finger tips and palms. Read More...

98. Extensive spots of psoriasis scattered all over the body, recovered within 8 months of medications - Psoriasis

39 years old, Mr. S. A. H. visited Life Force on 17th December 2012. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 8 years. His patient identification number is 20407. The spots were moderate to extensive scattered all over body. He was symptom free for 2 years, 4 years back. Since 4 years it had reappeared again. Since a year it was rapidly spreading. The eruptions were thick and leathery in appearance. There were thick silvery white scales on them. It would bleed when scratched. The eruptions would increase in winter season. He had taken medicines from several doctors in the past but did not find any relief. He was taking ayurvedic medicines since 15 days. Read More...

99. 35 years old sales manager found cure of his forehead warts with Dr. Shah’s medicines. -

Mr. P. R. G. (Patient IdentificationNumber - 17781) visited Life Force on 4th June 2013. He had been treated succefully for hair fall in the past by Dr. Shah. Now he had visited for warts on his forehead since 20 days. They were increasin in size. Read More...

100. Severe Palmoplantar psoriasis on palms and soles found excellent result with Dr. Shah’s treatment - Psoriasis

61 years old, Mr. M. J. (Patient Identification Number - 18238) visited Life Force on 11th February 2012. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 1 year. His palms and soles were affected, soles were severely affected. He had previously suffered from psoriasis affecting the elbows and knuckles, 7 – 8 years ago. It had been treated with cortisone local applications. Now since a year it had appeared on the soles and palms. There was mild itching with thick scaling and scabs on soles. He had started to apply cortisone since a month. He had also taken cortisone orally since July 2011. Read More...

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