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841. Patient with fissure in ano, experienced discomfort to sit in the chair for long time due to anal pain. - Fissure-in-ano

A patient Mr. M.P. age 30 years, [PIN 15502] visited our center for the treatment of fissure in ano. Read More...

842. There was significant improvement in pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints.. - Psoriasis

Mrs. K. R (PIN 12024) was a known case of Psoriasis since 18 years. She had the first episode of psoriasis in 1992 where she got the eruptions on nape of neck , knees and toes , which was then treated by some conventional medicines for 5 -6 months which could not give relief. Then she took Homeopathic treatment from a local doctor and was in remission for all these years. Now there was a relapse since six month with severe itching and scaling on both knees and left palm. Along with this she had developed Psoriatic Arthritis in Nov. 2008 affecting both wrists, left elbow joint, right hand middle finger and thumb. There was pain, swelling and stiffness in these joints. Read More...

843. Age related Osteoarthritis managed effectively with Homeopathy..... -

Mrs. S. K. K (Patient Identification Number 15129) was suffering from osteoarthritis since 2 years. She was 74 years old. She was on conventional treatment for 2 years with temporary relief. Then she visited to Life Force for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Read More...

844. Chronic sinusitis cured with Homeopathy - Frequent Colds

Mr. G.M (Patient Identification Number 11244) was suffering from Sinusitis since 2 years. He was taking conventional treatment whenever he used to get acute episode of Sinusitis which would give him temporary relief. Then he visited Life Force on 3rd October 2010 for the treatment of Sinusitis. Read More...

845. Dr. Shah suspected it to be a case of Psoriasis.... - Psoriasis

Mr. A.J.C, a 41 yrs old male (Patient Identification Number 12834) visited our centre on 28th October, 2009 with the complaints of recurrent boils and eczema on the scalp, ears, face, chest, neck etc. Read More...

846. Mr. K. V. K aged 85 years had developed chronic cellulitis since 2-3 years.... -

Mr. K. V. K aged 85 years (Patient Identification Number 8410) was suffering from Elephantiasis since over 20 years. He had complaints of fever with chills, every 1-2 months, there would be secondary infections and cellulitis and non healing ulcers. He had developed chronic cellulitis since 2-3 years. He was taking conventional treatment which would give him temporary relief. Then he visited Life Force on 7th April 2006 for the treatment of cellulitis. Read More...

847. Hair thinning was more visible at vertex and temples... - Hair Falling

A 25 years old young girl (patient identification number 13081) reported to Life Force with complaints of excessive hair loss since 6 months. Read More...

848. 20 year old case of psoriasis gets significant relief in one year with Dr Shah's medicines.. - Psoriasis

Mr. S.S.C aged 40 years (Patient Identification Number 13827) Visited Life Force on 29th May 2010 for the treatment of psoriasis. He was on methotrexate and halotop ointment but with tendency to relapse. Whenever he used these medicines his psoriasis was better but after stopping halotop ointment, psoriatic patches would reappear again but with more complex form. He stopped methotrexate as he started suffering from its side effects such as nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. At this point of time he decided to resort to homeopathy. Read More...

849. Seven years of untreated psoriasis finally finds cure with Dr Shah's homeopathy.. - Psoriasis

A twenty years old young girl Miss J.G.M. (Patient Identification Number 15302) visited Life Force on 7th Jan 2011 for the treatment of Psoriasis. She was suffering from Psoriasis since the last seven-eight years and she had Psoriasis affecting the scalp and face. She would get very severe itching and dandruff. She had post inflammatory hypopigmented spots over her cheeks. Read More...

850. Vitiligo stopped spreading and spots on left leg below knee-joint recovered - Vitiligo

A 25 years aged, tall, cheerful girl came to the center for the treatment of Vitiligo. Her name was S.H [PIN 7588] Read More...

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