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791. This case reinforces the efficacy of homeopathic treatment for warts. -

This is a case study of master K S R 8 yr old (pin numb: 10098) a pre-existing patient at Life Force, taking treatment for vitiligo.

He came up with complaints of multiple, dry, thick cracked eruptions on the right knee since 3-4 months. Read More...

792. Extensive psoriasis gets complete recovery in 8 months with homeopathy... - Psoriasis

This is a case of Mr. S. K (pin numb L-10669) a 26 yr old lean dark complexioned male suffering from psoriasis. He had psoriasis since 8 months. Read More...

793. My pains are substantially relieved with Dr Shah's treatment and i had never thought i would ever get rid of the neuralgia, if it was not for Life Force Homeopathy - Trigeminal Neuralgia

An elderly woman 52 yrs old Mrs V. B. (Pin13455) came to Life Force Homeopathy suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia since 7 years.

She was in pain, an acute attack of the neuralgia. It was a cutting pain like a sword piercing on the right side of the face. This pain would start at the corner of the mouth extending towards the head, it would last for a few days with fluctuating intensity. There was an occasional burning sensation accompanying the neuralgia. She described the pain to be unbearable and it would get impossible for her to focus on routine activities, work or even eat anything. The pains would get worse by washing the face, brushing, eating or talking. Read More...

794. Menses regularised with homeopathy in an old case of PCOD. -

A 32 yrs old female, Miss. S. W. came to our clinic along with her parents. She was a known case of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) with secondary amenorrhea along with underactive thyroid. Read More...

795. A case of Genital herpes treated wth success -

A 52 years gentleman came for treatment of genital herpes. Mr. V. A. (PIN L-9871) was a fair, stout and good looking person. He had mild manners and had a very dignified look. Read More...

796. 18 years old boy with Bronchial Asthma accompanied with cough, breathing & recurrent colds - Child Asthma

Mr. K. A. aged 18 years (Patient Identification No: L-6523), was a known case of Bronchial Asthma and was suffering with it from the past 4 years. He reported to our clinic on Jan 7, 2004 with complaints of cough, difficulty in breathing accompanied with recurrent colds. He had cold almost everyday and used to be really bad at least once a month. He was very lean in structure right from his childhood days. His asthma would be worse between the month of November to December. The onset of winters and exposure to dust were the main triggering factors for his asthmatic episodes. Also he suffered with recurrent sinusitis and the attacks used to be 2- 3 times in a year. Read More...

797. 17 years, old girl had been detected as having Hypothyroidism when she was 15 years old and since then she had been put on T. Eltroxin 100 mg daily - Underactive Thyroid

A 17 years, old girl Miss T. M. A. (Patient ref. no: S2005) was brought to the clinic by her parents for complaints of Hypothyroidism since 2 years. She had been detected as having Hypothyroidism when she was 15 years old and since then she had been put on T. Eltroxin 100 mg daily. Read More...

798. A 13 years young girl,( PIN 2506, Miss T.S.) who was under our care for Asthma, reported to the center for a acute and severe form of Herpes Zoster. -

A 13 years young girl,( PIN 2506, Miss T.S.) who was under our care for Asthma, reported to the center for a acute and severe form of Herpes Zoster.

799. 17 Years old boy with small vitiligo patch near the right eye cured 90% - Vitiligo

A 17 years old boy (PIN NO - 16839), visited our Borivali centre on 31 August 2011. He had a single small patch of Vitiligo near the right eye. His parents noticed the spot about a month back. The spot was rapidly increasing in size. There were no noticeable white spots elsewhere on the body. He had been under conventional treatment of oral as well local steroidal application. Since his parents were aware of the side effects of steroids, they decided to resort to the gentle healing of Homeopathy at the initial stage itself. Read More...

800. A 34 years old female visited our centre with the complaints of Lichen Planus. - Lichen Planus

A 34 years old female Ms. S. K. (PIN NO - 10922), visited our centre with the complaints of Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from this since the last 10 years. Her Lichen Planus was spread extensively, all over the body involving abdomen, chest, back and both extremities. It would itch and leave hyper pigmented marks. It had gradually increased in the last few years. She had taken conventional treatment of steroids for a year in oral as well as injection form, but did not find any relief. Then she took Ayurvedic treatment for another couple of years, yet she did not get any relief. She was then introduced to Life Force through a common friend who had benefited from our treatment. Read More...

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