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701. Remarkable recovery in Chronic case of asthma in forty six years old female... - Child Asthma

A forty six years old female found significant relief in her chronic Asthma with Dr. Rajesh Shah’s homeopathic treatment. Mrs. V.G (Patient Identification Number 9172) visited Life Force on 8th December 2006 for the complaint of chronic Asthma. She was a patient of Asthma since last fifteen years, but it was more frequent and severe since last six months. She would get exacerbations of Asthma almost once in a month. Each acute exacerbation would last for around 8-10 days. She had severe Asthma 20 years back. She was better for about five years and her Asthma again started since fifteen years. Read More...

702. 8 months old infant with a genetic link of Atopic Deramtitis treated successfully with homeopathy in 6 months duration - Eczema

This is a case study of 8 months old boy Mast A.U. M (Patient Identification Number 16846) suffering from Atopic Dermatitis (AD). His parents brought him to Life Force on 31st August 2011. He was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since the last two months. He was having reddish lesions of AD on folds of hands, legs, scalp, neck and face. He would get severe itching on the affected area which would get worse in the evening. His sleep was disturbed due to the itching. There was oozing of clear fluid from the lesions of hands and legs. Read More...

703. Prolonged fissure in ano cured within a year with homeopathic medicines - Fissure-in-ano

Mr. K. K. (PIN NO - 14906) registered for our online treatment for Fissure in ano. He started the treatment on 1st October 2010. He had been suffering from this since 2003. It had started when he was staying in Mumbai, in a hostel for studies. Now he was residing in Gurgaon. He would suffer from bleeding once a week. He would have bleeding and burning pain after passing stools. The frequency would increase if he consumed any sour food like curd, buttermilk etc. He had taken some conventional treatment as and when required, but it gave temporary relief. Read More...

704. He keeps referring patients to Life Force. These patients come with great faith and respect. Scientific Homeopathic Prescription has tremendous rewards. -

A retired politician Mr. M. M. (Patient Identification Number - 10598) was effectively managed with timely administration of homeopathic medicines for his various complaints. Read More...

705. A middle aged lady succeeded in avoiding surgery for her back ache with timely management with homeopathic medicines. -

Mrs. S. V. R. (Patient Identification Number - 16795) succeeded in avoiding surgery for her back ache with timely management with homeopathic medicines. Read More...

706. Dr Shah has pioneered homeopathic treatment in lichen nitidus. - Lichen Planus

A 46 years old lady, Mrs. R.M, [PIN 8312], came for the treatment of Lichen Nitidus. Read More...

707. Young girl suffering from Allergic Rhinitis cured in three months. - Frequent Colds

A 12 years aged girl Miss A.S. (Patient Identification Number 4153) reported to the center on 20 August 2010. She was under Dr. Shah's care right from her birth. Her parents were also our patients and they were firm believers in Homeopathy. They would come for medicines as and when they developed any health issues. Read More...

708. Case Study of a steroid dependent Neprotic Syndrome cured with homeopathy. - Nephrotic Syndrome

A very cute looking child, Master S.C.J. (Patient Identification Number 14526) was brought to the center for treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome and recurrent respiratory infections. He was suffering from nephrotic syndrome from two and a half years. He was five years old. His parents had brought his medical information written in the form of proper charts and date wise details. From his records they were narrating the details. He had relapsed 14 times in two and a half years. He had a relapse once in two to three months. Each relapse would last for fifteen to twenty days. The relapse was triggered by cold, cough, fever, loose motions or after stopping the dose of steroids, since the last six months he would relapse on reducing the dose of omnacortil beyond 5 mg alternate day. Read More...

709. Software engineer got relief in Urticaria from homeopathy - Urticaria

Mrs. B.D. 24 years old female residing in Mumbai (Patient Identification Number 9297) was suffering from Urticaria from last 3 years. She visited Life Force on 4 January 2007. Read More...

710. Early introduction of homeopathy cuts short urticaria and facilitates good healing. - Urticaria

A tall, lean, 49 years old Mr. V. K. P. (PIN NO - 14828) found cure for his severe complaints of Urticaria with homeopathic medicines. He had developed Urticaria since 6-8 months. He visited our centre on 13th September 2010. Read More...

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