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71. My son's psoriasis and warts recovered significantly with a year's homeopathic medications. - Psoriasis

10 years old Master S.V.S. (Patient Identification Number - 20116) visited Life Force with parents for the treatment of Psoriasis on 20th October 2012. Read More...

72. Extensive, stress related Lichen Planus, cured within a year with Dr. Shah’s treatment. - Lichen Planus

Mrs. M. P. R. was working as an administrative officer in an esteemed research institute of India. She was residing in Mumbai. She had read about Dr. Shah on the internet and she visited our center on 4th October 2008. She was accompanied by her sister. Her patient identification number is 11251. She was aged forty years. Read More...

73. No recurrence of Urticaria after starting with homeopathic medicines at Life Force. - Urticaria

Mrs. H.B (Patient Identification Number: 16432) visited Life Force Clinic on 10th July 2011 for her complaints of Urticaria. Read More...

74. Chronic episodes of Colds completely better with Dr. Shah's Homeopathy - Frequent Colds

Mr. D.O.P (Patient Identification Number: 6130) visited Life Force on 30/09/2004 for his complaints of Frequent colds. Read More...

75. 90% relief within 6 weeks in Urticaria and Eczema with Dr Shah's Treatment - Urticaria

55 years old financial consultant, Mr. V. I. B. (Patient Identification Number - 21380) visited Life Force on 16th July 2013. He was suffering from Urticaria since 6 – 7 months. He would get 1 – 4 episodes in a day which would last from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. He would get itching and hives with redness anywhere on the body. He was taking tablet Allegra 3 – 4 times a week. He would also apply cortisone cream on these hives. He was also suffering from eczema on his face since 2 years. The cheek were always red and itchy and the skin was dry and inflamed. His beard area would burn after shaving. He was applying momate cream over the eczema on the cheek. Read More...

76. Severe and troublesome bronchodilator dependent Asthma gained very quick and miraculous results within 2 months. - Child Asthma

Mrs. M.K.S. (Patient Identification Number - 22123) visited Life Force on 31st December 2013 for the treatment of Asthma, which had troubled her a lot since the last one year. She had complaints of running nose, dry cough, dysponea and headache. She would get severe cough with white and sticky phlegm. During episodes of cough, she would have watering of the eyes. She had to hold the chest while coughing. The cough would be relieved by drinking water. Dyspnoea was experienced more after midnight (1 a.m - 4 a.m) which disturbed her sleep. She was on medication of Tab Deriphyllin from the last two to three months. Read More...

77. Excellent treatment for milky white spots (vitiligo) and ithching on both sides of neck - Vitiligo

A 45 year old male Mr.J.J.C (Patient Identification Number 20302) came to Life Force on 26thNovember 2012 with a complaint of Vitiligo. He was suffering from vitiligo since last four months. There were milky white spots on both side of the neck. These spots were moderate in size. Initially there was itching, followed by the development of white spots. He has been taking Ayurvedic treatment for around 3 months with no obvious improvement. One of his relative who was suffering from Psoriasis had recovered with Dr Shah's treatment and he has referred the patient to Life Force. Dr Shah told him that the medicines will help him to stop the spread and to repigment the spots. Read More...

78. A 14 yrs young girl with psoriasis patches on knees, elbows and finger webs got 80% treated in 4 months - Psoriasis

She had mild psoriasis since last 2 years which presented as mild psoriatic patches on knees, elbows and finger webs. Since last 3 months eruptions were seen around the eyes which were gradually increasing. These complaints were aggravated in the winter. Read More...

79. Severe and extensive Lichen Planus completely cured with Homeopathy. - Lichen Planus

Mrs. M.M.P. (Patient Identification Number: 19868) consulted Dr. Shah for her Lichen Planus. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since the last four months. Read More...

80. I have experienced more than 90% recovery in my hair fall in just 6 months - Hair Falling

Mr. N V (Patient Ref. No. 21179) a 31 years old computer engineer from Chiplun, Maharashtra, reported to us with complaints of hair loss in June 2013. He was suffering from hair loss since about 6 months. He would lose about 50-60 strands daily. This was leading to development of male pattern baldness. His hairline was receding back. He also complained of dandruff and oily skin. While mentioning about complaints he said that he is losing his confidence along with his hair. Read More...

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