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621. Mrs. D. A (Patient Identification Number 13290) visited our clinic for the treatment of Cervical Spondylitis and Migraine on 5th February 2010. - Cervical Spondylitis

Mrs. D. A (Patient Identification Number 13290) visited our clinic for the treatment of Cervical Spondylitis and Migraine on 5th February 2010. Read More...

622. I improved TSH levels came within normal limits with Dr Shah's treatment. - Underactive Thyroid

A 17 year old girl (pin no13111) came with her parents to the clinic with complaints of Hypothyroidism, sleeplessness, constipation. Etc. She was also suffering from Vitiligo affecting the scalp and left leg. She was prescribed eltroxin, but her parents were not in favor, they wanted to get her treated for her under-active thyroid and vitiligo, both with Homeopathy. Read More...

623. My viral load reduced remarkably within 4 months... this is outstanding treament!! - Hepatitis C

Mrs B. C. aged 36 yrs (Patient Identification Number 12996) anxiously consulted Dr Shah to seek treatment for Hepatitis C which was accidentally diagnosed on a routine blood report since one month. There was a history of blood transfusion done at the age of 12 years. She complained of lot of weakness, fatigue and tired feeling. There was loss of appetite with nausea, which was severe in the morning Read More...

624. She is very happy with the recovery and stated - ' I am so glad that I got you.' - Lichen Planus

56 years old female Ms. T.M.G. (Patient Identification Number - 19750) availed our online treatment from New York. She registered as a patient on 8th October 2011 for her complaints of oral Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from last 7 months and had taken conventional medicine which did not give any relief. She had been investigated with an oral biopsy which had confirmed Lichen Planus. It had affected her soft palate and gums. There was mild burning pain. Read More...

625. Recurrent Varicose Ulcers of a retired manager treated with amazing powers of homeopathy -

Retired 70 years old man residing in Mumbai (Patient identification number – 15767) was suffering from recurrent Varicose Ulcers since three years. He visited Life Force on April 2011 to start treatment under guidance of Dr Rajesh Shah MD. Read More...

626. Case of Hailey Hailey disease, affecting skin, was greatly benefited with homeopathy -

Mr. S.N.G. 55-year-old male patient (Patient identification number 9326) resident of Mumbai was suffering from Hailey Hailey disease since 1993. He visited Life Force on 30 Jan 2007 and started homeopathic treatment under guidance of Dr Rajesh Shah. 

He was suffering from blisters in the groin, arm-pits and scrotum with unbearable itching which was causing distress to him, even disturbing his sleep. He was not getting relief even with cortisone cream. After scratching severely, the skin would exfoliate and would become difficult to heal. Itching was worse on exposure to sun and in summer. He was better in the winter and rainy season. His dermatologist had suggested oral steroids, however his physician had objected to the use of any oral steroids, as he was suffering from high blood pressure and GERD. Read More...

627. A sixty four years aged male patient Mr. N.B., He had severe psoriasis on the scalp, hands, legs, and chest and back - Psoriasis

A sixty four years aged male patient Mr. N.B. [PIN 11205] visited Life Force on 25 September 2008 with the complaints of extensive Psoriasis. He had severe psoriasis on the scalp, hands, legs, chest and back. He was suffering from this complaint since the last one year. He had worked in a color dye company and he suspected that this had developed as a side effect of exposure to those chemicals. He also complained of sleeplessness. Read More...

628. master R.N.S, He was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis since childhood - Child Asthma

Parents of master R.N.S aged, 2 years (Patient Identification Number 11283) visited Life Force for the treatment of Asthmatic Bronchitis. He was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis since childhood. He would get this problem once in every two months. It would stay for 7 to 10 days. He would get this complaint after taking cold food, during weather change and in winter. He would become very cranky and was difficult to handle during acute episodes. He was taking predone syrup which is a steroid when he visited Life Force. Read More...

629. Suffering from Asthma since the last 15 years, he would become breathless while coughing - Child Asthma

Mr. S. P. M, 59 years old (PIN NO - 15859) visited our Borivali centre on 18th April 2011. He was suffering from Asthma since the last 15 years. He used to get the attacks 2 to 3 times in a month. It would start as a cough with thick, white expectoration. The duration of each episode would be prolonged unless treated conventionally. He would become breathless while coughing. He also complained of weakness and weight loss in the past few months. He was sensitive to smoke, dust, curd, cold things, lemon, and smell of perfume and cow dung. His complaints would increase in the summer. He would get relief by injection deriphylline during the attack of cough and breathlessness. Read More...

630. A 21 years old female patient, She was on continuous laxatives for last 3 months. She also had a family history of Piles. Her maternal grandmother was suffering from Piles. -

A 21 years old female patient Miss. S.K (Patient Identification Number 16518) visited Life Force on 22nd July 2011 for the complaint of Constipation. She was suffering from Constipation since the last 6 months. She had severe constipation; she would have very hard stools, which required a lot of straining. She would get pinching pain in the rectum while defecating. The pain would last for several hours after defecation. The frequency of her complaints was almost twice in a week. Her complaints would get worse after spicy food and non veg. food. Read More...

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