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611. A 22 years old lady suffering from Asthma, Migraine and Lichen Planus treated successfully.... - Child Asthma

A 22 years old young lady Miss. S.B. visited Life Force on 21st October 2009 for the complaint of Lichen Planus (LP). She was suffering from Lichen Planus from the last two to two and half years. She was having small hyper-pigmented spots on both the legs. She had used oral and topical steroids for one or two months, one year ago. There was spread of her LP after stopping the steroids. There was occasional itching over the spots. Read More...

612. Significant reduction in cough intensity and breathing difficulty... - Child Asthma

A 61 years old female, Mrs. R.M.R visited Life Force on 22 March 2007, for the complaint of Asthma. She was suffering from Asthma for more than 20 years. She would get sneezing, running nose, cough and difficulty in breathing almost daily. Her complaints would get worse in morning. She was on steroid (Budecort) inhaler once a day since a long time. Read More...

613. Man with round bald patches on the scalp and small multiple patches on the beard completely recovered in 15 months - Alopecia Areata

In 15 months duration complete recovery....


614. My chyluria resolved within four months... -

A patient Mr V.K. [PIN 15339] aged 26 years, visited Life Force center for the treatment of
Chyluria on 15 January 2011.

He was suffering from this disease since the last seven years. Read More...

615. My 10 year long suffering of IBS is cured with Dr Shah's homeopathy.. - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mr. R. C. M. aged 42 years (Patient Identification Number 12494) visited Life Force for the treatment of IBS.

He was suffering from IBS since 10 years. He would pass stools 3-4 times in a day. His stools were semi solid and sticky by nature. He had pain in anal region after passing stool. He also complained of flatulence with bloated sensation in abdomen. He had feverish feeling. Whenever he used to pass loose stools, he had weakness and malaise. He had lost 7-8 kg weight. Read More...

616. I am glad that i was able to avoid surgery with the help of homeopathy... - Cervical Spondylitis

Mr. V.V.D aged 44 years (Patient Identification Number 15107) visited Life Force on 17th November 2010 for the treatment of Cervical Spondylitis. He was suffering from Cervical Spondylitis since last 4 years. He also had vertigo for which he was taking tablet Vertin 8 mg with temporary relief. Read More...

617. Significant relief in anal fissures within 6 weeks of homeopathy treatment - Fissure-in-ano

Mrs. G. B aged 29 years (Patient Identification number 15694) visited Life Force on 24th March 2011 for the treatment of Fissure-in-ano. She was suffering with Fissure-in-ano since two years and was treated with allopathic and ayurvedic medicines with partial relief. Read More...

618. I got rid of my urticaria forever.. - Urticaria

Miss. R. M aged 15years (Patient Identification Number 14570) visited Life Force on 17th July 2010 for the treatment of Urticaria.

She was suffering from Urticaria since one month. She would suffer from hives everyday on hands, face and neck and it would last for few hours to one day. She would also suffer from dermatographism. There was mild to moderate itching. She was not able to detect the allergen for her Urticaria. She was applying some ayurvedic ointment which would give her temporary relief. Read More...

619. My neck pain reduced by 70% in just 4 weeks of Dr Shah's treatment.. - Cervical Spondylitis

A 37 years old female (Patient Identification Number 15570) visited Life Force Center on the 28th February 2011 with complaints of cervical spondylitis. She had severe pain in both the shoulders which radiated to her arms. This was accompanied with numbness and tingling sensation in right hand fingers, since 1 month. Read More...

620. A Lady suffering with Cervical Spondylitis and Migraine recovered completely - Migraine

Mrs. D. A (Patient Identification Number 13290) visited our clinic for the treatment of Cervical Spondylitis and Migraine on 5th February 2010. Read More...

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