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581. Forty seven year old medical writer treated extensively with strong allopathic medication for her Lichen Planus finally got cured with homeopathy... - Lichen Planus

This is a case study of forty seven years old medical writer suffering from Lichen Planus (LP). Dr. Mrs. U. V. S (Patient Identification Number 15597) visited Life Force on 5th March 2011. She was suffering from LP since October 2010. She was having LP affecting hands, legs, back and scalp. She also had oral and genital LP. She would get severe itching on the lesions. She had used oral and local steroids in the past. She experienced weight gain with the steroids. She had also taken tablet Dapsone for her LP. There was some control due to the tablet; however there was a drastic drop in her hemoglobin due to Dapsone, her hemoglobin came down to 8 %. So she stopped it. Being a doctor she read immensely on this disease and consulted the best of doctors. However the more senior doctors instilled more fear in her and prescribed stronger medicines. She was also prescribed MMF1500 mg per day (mycophenolate mofetil). These medicines proved too strong for her and finally she stopped them all. She was again on oral cortisone and clobetasol creams and antihistamines, when she reported at Life Force. Read More...

582. A case of atypical Urticaria (chronic) recovered completely with homeopathy - Urticaria

This is a case study of fifty-two years old female Mrs. S.S.S (Patient Identification Number 16855), suffering from atypical Urticaria. She visited Life Force on 2nd September 2011. She had first episode of Urticaria almost twenty years back, which was relieved by antihistamines. Now she was suffering from Urticaria since last two years. She was having red hives on her palms, elbows, abdomen and thighs. She would get severe itching once or twice in a week. She would take antihistamines once or twice in a week with which her itching would get reduced. There was no improvement in red hives. Read More...

583. A forty eight years old female patient suffering from Mastoiditis got complete recovery with homeopathy and surgery was avoided -

A forty eight years old female patient Mrs. H.J.S (Patient Identification Number11061) visited Life Force on 21st August 2008 with the complaint of pain in the left ear. This complaint started one and half years ago. She got 2-3 episodes of ear pain in the last one and half years. The pain would be relieved with antibiotics. This time she was having ear pain since the last 20 days. She took antibiotics which did not help. She was having watery, offensive discharge from the left ear. Pain was not severe. There was some hearing difficulty as well. Read More...

584. Palmo Plantar Psoriasis treated successfully with homeopathy in 6 months. - Psoriasis

An 18 yrs girl Miss S.H, a science student, (Patient Identification Number 15835) visited Life Force Center for psoriasis treatment on 14th April 2011. Read More...

585. After 3 years of treatment her spots have re pigmented up to 90%. - Vitiligo

A chubby playful girl Miss. P. H. K, 6 years old (PIN NO - 10590), visited our centre with the complaints of Vitiligo. She had been affected with vitiligo since 1 year. She had white patches on both the eye lids. Initially she had spots on left arm, back and both eye lids. The back and arm spots were treated by conventional medication. The eye lid spot too had re pigmented with conventional medicines, but it reappeared again within 6 months. Now it was spreading as well. Read More...

586. After the medication for another 8 months, he had completely recovered from his Oral LP - Lichen Planus

Mr. P.K (Patient Identification Number 7180) visited Life Force for the treatment of Oral LP. He was suffering with this problem since 2 years. There was burning sensation while eating spicy food and hot food. He was not able to take his proper diet because of burning pain. He lost some weight as well. Read More...

587. Mrs. J.A.K., PIN is 14598. She had six warts on her right palm and fingers. -

Mrs. J.A.K. aged 60 years came for the treatment of warts, eczema and joints pain.

Her PIN is 14598. She had six warts on her right palm and fingers. She had developed a few two years ago and at that time, she had got them excised via a dermatologist. Read More...

588. A chronic extensive psoriasis patient benefited from well planned, systematic Homeopathic treatment at Life Force Center... - Psoriasis

Mr. M.K. (PIN - 9137) is a 70 years old, tall well built and energetic gentleman.

He has been under treatment of Dr Rajesh Shah from the past three years. He has been suffering from Psoriasis since the past eight years. He had extensive psoriasis on the hands, legs, and torso. It would flare up in the winter forcing him to start methotrexate. He would require taking methotrexate for 3-4 months. Read More...

589. This boy had colds more than 15 days in a month; got completely cured of this problem.. - Frequent Colds

A 6 years old hyperactive boy, S. B. Y (Patient Identification Number - 14912), visited our center on 2nd October 2010 with the complaints of frequent cold. He was referred to us by his family physician who himself was benefited by homeopathy for his own problem. This complaint had started 3 – 4 years back. He would have running nose every 2 - 3 days, which would last for 2 -3 days. More than half the month he would suffer and need some medication or the other. The nasal discharge would be watery and thin. His complaints would increase during school time and would decrease during vacations; probably due to exposure to pollution while traveling or may be due to cross-infection from classmates. He would be treated by conventional medication as and when required. Read More...

590. A 35 years old, Mrs. SR [PIN 12289], She had been suffering from Lichen Planus since the last two to three years. - Lichen Planus

A 35 years old, smart, good looking lady Mrs. SR [PIN 12289] came to Life Force on 1 June 2009, for the treatment of chronic relapsing Lichen Planus. She had been suffering from Lichen Planus since the last two to three years. Read More...

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