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551. A seventy five years old patient could get rid of her chronic Urticaria with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. - Urticaria

Mrs. B.S.S. (Patient Identification Number 6223) visited Life Force on 8th October 2008 for the complaint of chronic Urticaria. She was suffering since more than 15 years, but her Urticaria was getting worse in last 3-4 years. Read More...

552. Extensive Psoriasis treated with continuous treatment gave good and longer relief and helped in getting back a smile on her face. - Psoriasis

Ms.C.S, PIN: 12761 approached the clinic on 10 October 2009, for her complaints of Psoriasis.

She presented with multiple psoriatic patches on the hands, elbows, legs, knees, waist, scalp, almost involving more then 80 % of the body. Read More...

553. A young girl suffering from severe Lichen Planus got completely recovered with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment. - Lichen Planus

Miss. M.N.R (Patient Identification Number 6175) was suffering from Lichen Planus (LP) for 3-4 months. She had active, purple lesions of LP almost all over the body mostly on legs. She would get severe itching on the affected area. Read More...

554. Homeopathy can be added in cases of Nephrotic syndrome to prevent recurrence and complete the recovery. - Nephrotic Syndrome

A 5 years old quiet girl Miss. D. K. (Patient Identification Number - 10761) visited our centre on 7th June 2008. She was accompanied by her parents. Read More...

555. Homeopathy helps in reducing the pain and discomfort caused due to ankylosing spondylitis. - Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr. T.J.V, Patient Identification Number 16991, visited the clinic on 15 September 2012 for complaints of joint pains.

Mr. T.J.V presented with joint pains which had started 5 months back and he had multiple joint pains involving mainly the knee and the ankle joint. He would develop swelling on the joints and had severe joint stiffness. On the blood report, his HLA-B27 was positive. Read More...

556. A non healing varicose ulcer was completely healed within a year’s treatment with Dr. Shah’s treatment. -

Mrs. K. C. S., age 62 years (Patient Identification Number - 16921) visited our LifeForce centre on 8th September, 2011. She was complaining of a single non healing varicose ulcer on her left foot since last 7 years. It would itch slightly with occasional watery discharge. It was mildly painful. The skin was dry, hypo pigmented with blackish discoloration. There was swelling in left feet. She had taken many antibiotics courses in the past, but nothing seemed to help. She had stopped all the medicines since last 3 years. Her sister too was a suffering from varicose veins and ulcer. Read More...

557. Homeopathy treats the disease by addressing the root cause and so it is effective in allergies and chronic conditions. - Frequent Colds

A 37 years lady, Mrs J. B. B. (Patient Identification Number 16292) visited Life Force center on 20 June 2011. Read More...

558. A case of palmo plantar psoriasis completely recovered within 8 months time - Psoriasis

A 40 years old gentleman, Mr V. R. P ( Patient Identification Number 17364) visited Life Force center on 29 October 2011. He was suffering from palmo-plantar Psoriasis since the last one year. Read More...

559. Rapidly spreading Lichen Planus got complete recovery with Dr. Rajesh Shah's research based homeopathic treatment. - Lichen Planus

Mrs. N.X (Patient Identification Number 7882) was suffering from Lichen Planus (LP) for 4-5 months. She had active lesions of LP almost all over the body. Itching was severe on the affected area. Itching would get severe after bath and in the evening. She had used Betnovate (steroid) ointment for initial 1-2 months. She did not find much improvement with that ointment, so she stopped using it. Her LP started spreading rapidly after she stopped Betnovate. She was getting new lesions mostly on neck. She did not want to go for allopathic treatment anymore. Read More...

560. Steroid dependent psoriasis is indeed a challenge and homeopathy has good scope in it's treatment. - Psoriasis

A 57 years old tall and well built man, Mr. S. K. (Patient Identification Number 17854) reported to the center on 30th December 2011. He was suffering from extensive Psoriasis since past 30 years. He had taken all types of treatment for psoriasis in the past;also Homeopathy as well. He was on methotrexate for several years and later when he developed hepato-toxicity, he was put off methotrexate and was only on local steroidal creams, which he applied twice a day since the last five years. In spite of these applications, he had many active lesions all over the body. The lesions always kept changing location. He was never disease free. The lesions on the legs were always present. The lesions on the back, hands, chest, scalp and thigh would keep reccuring, while changing locations. He had significant scaling, itching and inflammation in the lesions. Read More...

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