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51. Viral load of Hep C reduced from 36000 to only 34 using homeopathic medicine - Hepatitis C

Mrs. N.M.P. (Patient Identification Number- 19096), aged 47 years residing in a small town of Gujarat, visited Life Force on 15th May 2012. She was diagnosed one month ago with Hepatitis C, genotype 3. Read More...

52. Complete recovery from Fissure-in-ano in this patient - Fissure-in-ano

fissure-in-anoForty three year old Mr. S.S.R. (Patient Identification Number- 11577) visited Life Force on 20th December 2008 for the complaints of fissure-in-ano with sentinel piles. Read More...

53. "Dr Shah gave my son a new life with confidence" - Lichen Planus

ADHDEight year old boy R.A.K. (Patient Identification Number- L-9055) visited Life Force on 4th November 2006 from Hyderabad with his parents. His father had searched on the Internet for the treatment of Lichen planus and planned to personally see Dr. Shah for his son's treatment. Read More...

54. Steroid Dependent Asthmatic Bronchitis, cured with Homeopathy. - Asthma

Master. O.R.D (Patient Identification Number 12997) was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis since 2 years. He would get severe episodes of Asthma once in a month and it would last for 6-7 days. Every episode would start with running nose, followed by severe rattling cough and difficulty in breathing. Wheezing would accompany every episode. His Athma would get worse during change of weather, by eating banana and cold food. He had to take T Omnacortil 10 mg for 5-8 days, once in every 2-3 months and antibiotics for 5 days almost in every month. Read More...

55. Severe Urticaria got completely resolved with Dr. Rajesh Shah's research based homeopathy. - Urticaria

Mrs. A.M (Patient Identification Number 19156) from Kolkata, was suffering from Urticaria for 9 months. She would get severe red hives almost all over the body with severe itching and burning sensation. She would get episodes of Urticaria 2-3 times a day and it would last for 2-3 hours. It was aggravated at night and by dust. She would get temporary relief after taking bath with cold water. Read More...

56. 100% improvement is observed in my Lichen Planus. - Lichen Planus

37 years old, Mrs. N. S. S. (Patient Identification Number - 18945) visited Life Force with her husband on 24th April, 2012. She was suffering from Lichen Planus since 2.5 years. She had been applying steroid based creams to them for 8 months which were stopped 3 months back. There were post healed hyper pigmented marks on the legs and abdomen. She had developed rashes under her breast since 4 months which was spreading and itchy. It was diagnosed as fungal infection on examination by an associate doctor. Read More...

57. Psoriasis under control even in winter with homeopathic medicines. - Psoriasis

79 years old male patient Mr. A.S.R. (Patient Identification Number- 19025) visited Life Force Clinic on 5th May 2012, with complaints of Psoriasis. Read More...

58. Mild Eczema on palms treated effectively with research based medicines. - Eczema

An insurance executive visited our Vashi clinic on 19th October 2013. Ms. N. A. B. was twenty seven years of age. Her patient identification number is 21809. She was suffering from mild Eczema on left hand middle finger and palms. There were mild cuts, redness and severe itching. She had similar spots about ten years ago. Her palms and fingers were normal for eight years. Two years ago she had lost her mother in an accident. Since then it had resurfaced back. She took conventional local application for a year and a half, but did not show any improvement. Since six months she was taking homeopathy from local doctor with mild relief. Read More...

59. Stress triggered Psoriasis found excellent recovery with Dr. Shah’s medicines. - Psoriasis

Thirty two years old young gentleman was introduced to Dr. Shah by one of the old patient who was treated successfully. Mr. P. J. K. (Patient Identification Number - 20507) visited Life Force on 10th January 2013. He was accompanied by a friend. He was suffering from this skin complain since past two and a half years. It had been only on both the palms which were treated with conventional medicines. He was asymptomatic for eight months then. It had relapsed back and was now on the neck as well since a month. He was not taking any treatment since a year. There was itching, scaling and redness. He was highly stressed out due to marital conflicts and they were considering a divorce. Read More...

60. Excellent result in a case of 2 years old child for Asthmatic Bronchitis. - Child Asthma

A naughty, talkative A. A. (Patient Identification Number - 21848) visited Life Force on 29th October 2013 along with her mother. Her mother had been successfully treated in the past with Dr. Shah’s medicines for Urticaria. The fun loving, sweet child was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis (Hyper reactive airway disorder) since a year. She had four to five episodes in the past one year. The cold, cough, difficulty in breathing would remain for five to six days and require nebulization. She would also get fever and take antibiotics, nebulization and cortisone as and when required. Her complaints would be more during change of weather, cloudy weather and cold weather. Read More...

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